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Power 213 is ZOMBIE!

In my personal opinion , I would think this would suit more for Halloween , but let's get down to business...!

This morning it was CONFIRMED that the new power was going to be called ZOMBIE (ID 213) and this post has the complete Guide to it!

First off , I went on xat_test and saw the Owner there Cupim with the new power ;

What do you think of the smiley? Looks pretty good , doesn't it?

Next up , we found out that Cupim was part of designing the smiley of the new power , I feel he has good taste!

Next up , we need to know the Function of the power;

This is another smiley power . It comes with x12 ZOMBIE smileys . The following are: : (zombie) (zombie1) (zombie2) (zombie3) (zombie4) (survivor1) (survivor2) (survivor3) (survivor4) (bloodface) (deadup) (zombieback)

NOTE: (zombieback) can also be used as a GBACK .

You now may want to know the current price of the new power . With many users feeling excited and preparing their investment , the current cost is 1 0 0 0  - 1 5 0 0 xats on xat.com/Trade but will drop when released .

FINALLY let's get some people's opinions on the new power;

Aisha (89694323)
I feel that this power is going to be LIMITED . You can tell just from the smiley that it's too GFX to be unlimited . This power has the potential to be profitable , depending on the investment of users and the cost and quantity when the power eventually releases .

It will be a popular power over the weekend period , with it most likely raising by 200-300 xats , once again depending on the cost and quantity in the store. EIGHTIES was quite a good smiley but didn't go so well after , maybe because users could buy 50 each.

Overall , I expect this power to go down well .

Home (1001994) 
I think its limited, maybe around.. 250 - 300 xats should release around 4000 only and give the chance to users to get 50 per release, like with (eighties) 

So , given all this information , what are your thoughts on the new power? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!
- Aisha

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