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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

Thanks Becky!

Thanks for the card, I really appreciate it! :)
P.S. It was my Birthday on Wednesday.


New Chat Now Open!

Hey Guys, Orgal here!

We have just opened our new official chat a few minutes ago. It will be linked to the blog shortly, but for now you can find it at http://xat.com/aishablog .

Me and Aisha will be on the chat often so come say hi and PC us if you need help with anything. My name on the chat is Base (short name orgal). Just so you know who I am. 

More on the chat coming soon from me so stay tuned!

UPDATE: The chat gets linked onto the blog on Saturday 1/06/2013 as xat are having problems and I need to work on it! (Aisha)

Take care ~Orgal~

New Test power (233) Found !!

Hello guys !

Today the volunteers got the new Test power (233)


and the people in Trade start selling and buying it for high prices !!!

What do you think it is?!

New Chat Coming Soon!

Hey guys, Orgal here!

Aishasites has sadly been delisted from xat so me and Aisha made an executive decision to make a new chat!
The name? To be confirmed?
When? To be confirmed?

Basically all we know so far is we are making a new chat so it is still in the early stages of development. Don't worry it will be added to the blog just like the current chat so you won't miss it. 

I will post again when we have more information.

Take care ~Orgal~

GOLD Releases ... The FINAL Straw!

Today is dubbed 'The Final Straw' due to GOLD nearing itself to going under Store price on Trade , the last time that happening was over a year ago!

If you remember, the last time GOLD was down it was 50,800 - 51,100 but then increased to 56,000 xats. Because of that TOM2 released batches of GOLDs every week, and over the times he has released possibly between 500 - 700 GOLD powers!

Okay so ...

At **6.30pm BST** Tom2 had suddenly decided to release his weekly Golds into store;

50 released costing 50,000 xats each.

Now, before the release the price was already low at the cost of 50,500 - 50,800 xats , which is another reason why I've dubbed it the beginning of the downfall.

Here is Confirmation that the power was released!


The price varies between 50,200 - 50,400 xats. 


People on xat_test have been spotted saying that they're scared now of buying the power in the stores;

So there you have it! The power was still quite a decent profit, but not good enough compared to previous months ... but that's what we get for demanding the release all the time!

ALSO ...

There's a new 7 digit Auction that got released. Check one of the bidders at this current time:

Do you see someone awesome beginning with Ai there...? Haha, I'm just kidding! (but check!)

Did you manage to buy yourself a GOLD power? Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the current price and demands!

SUPER (232) Release!

Following our other post , we found out that the newest power was SUPER and there was an official banner showing us the smileys! This was ID 232.

At **1.30pm BST** the newest power was in stores!

I checked xat on @Twitter and noticed something ...

2000 released costing 200 xats . N.B. 5 PER USER! NOT LIMITED!  

So yes, this power is currently LIMITED but will become Unlimited , most likely on Sunday morning.

Straight after the release finished , the price had increased to 300 - 330 xats ... but only for a total of 5 minutes .

But soon after, everyone was beginning to sell the power and the price decreased. The price has now stayed at currently 220 - 270 xats.

Here are loads of sufficent screenshots to show you how it's going all day on Trade;


UPDATE: Hours after the original release and the price has INCREASED and stayed at 280 - 330 xats.

One user got really desperate, however and bought one for 1,000 xats (wasn't false) but look how it shocked everyone!


That's desperate and stupid lol!

So, that pretty much shows you what's currently going on in the chat. Now, this is a smiley power of course so below are the smileys;

Sources and credits go to @xatworld.com FOR HELP USES ONLY!

And that's about it!

What are your thoughts on this new power? Leave a comment and let me know! ;-D

Super news the new power 232 (super) !!

the new power 232 is super !!!

It is a Smillies power

                        i think it is nice power , and you what think about it ?  ?

Aishasites' Official Chat!

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