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EXCLUSIVE: Summer already? Power '229' is SEASIDE!

Hey guys!

So we've already had SUMMER and BEACH , but now we're about to get our THIRD summer themed power ... Nice!

So , as it's May , I guess 42 wants to 'warm up', and what better way to do it than bringing in the new power early!

This was confirmed at **6.30pm BST** after earlier 229 had been released for Volunteers!

Just like how it looks , this power will be a smiley power , and comes along with 'Seaside themed' smileys fit for the beach!

Here are some of the smileys I managed to find for the power , along with the new pawns!

Of course , people are now trying to sell this power even more ... perhaps this could be released early?

Someone's reaction on Trade when they had heard about the new power;


So , that's around it for now!

What are your thoughts on the new power? Be sure to leave a comment below to let me know!

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