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Power 229, 'SEASIDE' Releases! (LIMITED!)

Hey guys!

At around **10pm BST** on Saturday Tom2 had decided to finally release the newest power, 'SEASIDE' (ID 229)

There's some controversy about this power, though ...

 x3000 released costing 250 xats each ...

So what's the problem? Well , read the end of the post and you'll have your question answered. It says,

"Not decided yet if it is limited"

So? You would have thought the prices would be extremely high because of this and the small quantity that was released, right?

Luckily, you're WRONG!

I thought that would be the case , but the price is only between 280 - 330 xats with many users selling as they are anxious that the power will be unlimited , although it's likely that more would've released if it was limited.


NOTE: According to sources, MORE RELEASED on Saturday Evening. This power is LIMITED.

The price has now increased to 330 - 350 xats because of this, I'm guessing there is a total of 6,000 SEASIDE powers on xat. Pretty good , huh?

FINAL UPDATE: The price has now dropped and is now currently around 290 - 320 xats , so buy yours now!

The function of the power is on our previous post , except that this afternoon at around **5.30pm BST** Tom2 came online and was testing a new smiley that came with the new SEASIDE power!

Here it is, designed by Mihay;



What do you think of the new power and the new KISS made? I'd love to hear your thoughts, just leave a comment below this post!


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