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Power 231, 'STATUSGLOW, Release!

Well, well, well ...

It looks like we were wrong about the power being EPIC ... Kind of! Why? You'll see in a second,

At around **3.30pm BST** Tom2 had decided to release the newest power , ID 231 known as STATUSGLOW.

I missed the release because I was busy, but I did manage to create an Edit to show you what to expect;

Most people expect this power to be UNLIMITED , including me , even though this was not officially announced. This power is currently Limited.

So, why did I say 'kind of' to it being an Epic power? Well , the demand may not be as high , but the price has increased hugely as it is now currently 3,000 - 4,000 xats at the AVERAGE.

Check the prices in the screenshots below:


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