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Hey guys!

Last night, at 7.30pm GMT xat made the Spiralfx power unlimited.

It costs 222 xats just like it was when it first released.

Here are some facts that happened before the release...

  • 2500 released when it was a limited power, on 3 different releases. The first one sold 500 in the stores. All the prices were 222 xats each!
  • The price before the release rose again to 500 - 600 xats , even though it was close to being released, and users were selling for 350 xats for a while!
  • The demand was high throughout, and at one point reached 700 xats on Trade. (during the 2nd release)
Function of Spiralfx: It lets you add cool Spiral 'FX' (Effects) to any xat smilie. E.g. (cool#spiralfx) would look like the following below...

You can also change the colour to the Spiralfx smilie, for example, if you wanted to add the color Green , then type the following code: E.g.- (cool#spiralfx#g)

For a red one, type in the following code, E.g. (cool#spiralfx#r)

And finally, if you'd like a White one, then type the following below, E.g. (cool#spiralfx#++++++)

Of course, there's so many colours that you can combine with Spiralfx, but these are only a few of the examples of colors you can use!   

You can also change the size, speed and also the direction. Below, is an example of me changing the size, speed and direction. To have the same smiley, type in the following code, E.g. (spiralfx#w923)

It should then look like this...

Another example is: E.g. (d#009bcc#spiralfxtest#r#000001#FFF000#spiralfxtest#FFF000#r#000001)

But, that's not all...

For a limited time only (a week) , you can have this really cool looking spiralfx on your xat pawn, like shown below!

That covers it all! What do you think of Spiralfx? In my opinion, I think that it looks really cool, and is the best out of all the 'FX' powers xat have released so far! Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! 


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