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New 8 Digit ID Auction

Hey guys!

Around an hour ago, xat released 8 digits for users to bid on. For the first few minutes, there was no ID's for sale...

However, now there are a few that you can bid on...

Update 1: Another ID has been added onto the list...

Update 2: Another few 8 Digit ID's have been added onto the auction... (1.47pm)


Update 3:  A few more bids have been added from when we last checked... (1.49pm)

Update 4: More bids have been added, and soon there will be no more bids to be added on the Auction... (2.09pm)

Update 5: Phase 2 has begun, and the following 5 ID's that made it through are in the image below...

Update 6: It now finally shows what user took over who's bid... (6.35pm)

Looking at all the ID's above, the most demanding ID is 22222222 and then it's 10000003 10000008 which are both really cool ID's!

So, what do you think? Already, it's almost been 2 hours and the ID's are turning really expensive! Have you tried bidding? I have as you can see above! If you're interested and you plan on bidding for an ID, Good Luck!



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