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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

Xat Power 323, 'OFFSET' Release!

NOTE: After checking out a few xat sites, some say that IF YOU ABUSE THIS POWER, YOUR ACCOUNT MAY BE BLOCKED, so please keep that in mind. This post will be updated if any other information is confirmed.

This weekends power is called OFFSET , which was confirmed on FRIDAY evening. This power will be UNLIMITED, but at the moment it is currently LIMITED!

As usual, xat announced the release through twitter, although it seems quite lazy in my opinion :P


The power costs 200 xats

There has currently been 2 releases . After the first release, the price became 400 - 600 xats, but the price is now currently 250 - 300 xats.

Final Update:
The power is currently LIMITED, and although there has not yet been any official Confirmation, it will most likely be so.

It is rumoured that there is around 2000 - 2500 on xat, but despite this demand is low and the price is currently 200 - 220 xats

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!
- Aisha 

New xat Power, 'JEWELRY' Release Guide!


At around **6.30pm GMT** xat Announced its newest power through the Banners around the website, due to release this weekend!

The power is called, Jewellery , and it will be LIMITED.

Here is a Screenshot:

UPDATE 1: It seems as though xat has changed the name of this new power to 'JEWELRY'. 

No information has been confirmed yet, but keep checking our Blog for more info!
UPDATE 2: At around **2.00pm GMT** the JEWELRY power was released in stores!

1000 released costing 260 xats. LIMITED!

Remember, it's 1 per user

The price on TRADE was around 400 - 500 xats , but the new banner is releasing every 3-4 hours in different quantities!

From 9pm, the price is currently 300 - 400 xats. 

Keep checking the Blog for more updates!
- Aisha

Trade's 6th Anniversary!


For those who go on xat.com/Trade quite often, last night was TRADE's 6th Anniversary, which was hosted at **11.00pm GMT**

Powers such as BOOT, CLEAR, and VALENTINE were donated to the winners, where there were 26 total winners, (I didn't win it this year, sadly! :D)

If you were curious, or you were a winner and weren't aware, you can check if you were included by clicking here

Winners should most likely PC Christina M143 (M143)  to collect your prize if you haven't done so already!

To those who won, Congratulations!
- Aisha

Xat Power 321, 'RETRO' Release GUIDE! (FINAL UPDATES)


At around **8.00pm GMT** the new power, RETRO was added to the xat power store, but was still not ready yet ...

The BOT on xat5 had confirmed what the price was, and how many users could buy which made everyone shocked. Why? You'll see...!


At **8.30pm GMT** the new power was finally released!

100 releases costing 100 xats each. (EVERY 1 HOUR)

PLEASE TAKE NOTE (This applies to those wanting to know how many in total)
Although only 100 released, it is possible to buy 100 in stores. It's very complicated, but somehow 3-4 users managed to ger 100+, meaning that 500 is released every hour  , so current statistics of how many released that users provide you are ALL FALSE! This Blog uncovers the TRADE gossip and has discovered that instead of 1,500 - 2,000 releasing as people think, around 3,500 - 4,500 have been released. Why? We'll prove it to you!

On Sunday at **1.30pm GMT**, 100 RETRO released. However, James Enter and Flake  all managed to buy 100, meaning 300 were bought among the 3 people. This means that on this release, a total of around 400 were bought!

We'll try and post as accurately as we can, but in the meantime please don't be fooled by what people think as it is not as straightforward as 100 x per hour.

Check this blog for the total amount released in a few days time!

After over 24 hours of releasing, the new power RETRO has finally SOLD OUT. Although many people believe 2000 - 3000 were released, more were somehow bought, unfortunately. We don't have an accurate amount either, but we believe that between 5000 - 6500 were released. Despite this, the power is rare on xat.com/Trade.

The price on TRADE is currently 130 - 180 xats , with a user called Hound having over 1500+ of the power:

HOUND obviously has the most RETRO powers on xat, with a total of over 2000!

The price on TRADE is currently 150 - 250 xats , but demand is slowly losing, like with all powers on xat lately.

So, what do you think about this power? I think it's pretty cool considering it was only 100 xats in the stores!

Let me know by leaving a comment below!
- Aisha

NEW Power 321, 'RETRO!'


Today at around **2.30pm GMT** this weekends power, also known as ID 321, was confirmed to be called RETRO.

This power is going to be LIMITED, although no other information is currently known, other than it is expected to be released today ...

Here is a screenshot of someone having the power:

So, what is this power? Well, compared to many of the powers we've recently had on xat, this one is actually pretty cool ... although some of you will say it's unoriginal.

Ever seen the film, Wreck it Ralph? Well, this power technically is similar to it, re-designing some old powers / smilies to give it a 'retro' look. Here are the smileys below:

Smiley codes will be posted in a few days time, or you can check the xat Wiki.

Just some of the powers represented there are (gkaoani) , (allpowers) and (gkaliens) , so you can see why people will think this!

So, what are your thoughts on this new power? Will it have alot of demand? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!
- Aisha

Xat: 200 'BOOT' Powers in Auction! (FINAL UPDATES)

Update: Auction FINISHED!
The Auction finished at **2.00am GMT**. If you were unable to bid, you can try buy one on trade.

At around **2.00pm GMT** 42 with no warning decided to release some BOOT powers on the Power Auction , sending some users into panic mode.

200 in Auction starting at a minimum cost of 5,000 xats

This sent TRADE into shock, with the price being from before 13,500 - 14,000 xats to people selling cheap making it 10,000 - 12,000 xats, and of course not many users wanted to risk buying the power.

IMPORTANT: Auction Finished!
At around **2.00am GMT** the Auction ended, with the price finishing at a cheap 8105 xats. Users who managed to win a bid made some decent profit, as the price on trade is currently 9500 - 10,000 xats. 

The price has finally settled and few users are buying the power, but a week after the release the price is now 10,000 - 10,500 xats.

A few users sadly lost alot of profit, but rumours had it that 42 decided to release BOOT for Trade's anniversary later this month.

What do you think about xats idea of releasing Boot? Leave a comment and let me know!
- Aisha 

Xat Power 320, 'EGYPTIAN' Release!


At **6.00pm GMT** 42 decided to release the newest power into the stores, called 'EGYPTIAN'.


1000 released costing 270 xats each.

This is a limited power, which comes with 'Egyptian' themed smilies. 

The price on TRADE had increased to become around 400 - 600 xats due to the low quantity on xat.

Xat has posted on their twitter page that there will be another 3,000 EGYPTIAN powers released on Auction , and this will be the final release!

3000 were released in Auction finishing at 200 xats

This means there is now a total of only 4,000 EGYPTIAN powers on xat. Very few!

The price on TRADE was 350 - 450 xats a day later, but now that demand is being lost and not many users are selling, the price is currently 300 - 360 xats.

Hope you got one!
- Aisha 


Note: I have spent literally an hour arguing with 10 users, but after spending time, I have gathered enough proof to confirm the truth.

Hello, guys!
Without any warning today, 42 added a bunch of new powers into...

This caused surprise to many users, and many questions were being asked as to how many powers have been added. Well, let me tell you the facts before ...

  • There were 118p in (allpowers) 
  • Previously there were 99p in Allpowers, meaning xat had added 19 powers. 
  • The price on Trade was 20,000 - 21,000 xats
  • It was the first time that LIMITED powers were added. These were - (eggy)(reindeer)(blackfriday)(stoneage)(magicfx)

So, how many powers have been added now? Well, I'm proud to tell you that there is officially 36 powers added to (ALLPOWERS), bringing it to 154p.

Now, many users have argued against this. Why? Because xattrade says there is 147p, although they did not include powers like (sparta) and (beach), while xat5's Bot says there is 151, missing the 2 most recent powers and (blueoni). So, after counting the powers page 10 times for different people and transfering powers to several accounts, I have listed the powers added to allpowers.

As followed: (Aishasites.blogspot.com Image)







Obviously not everyone on xat follows my Blog, but for those who currently do visit, I hope you are able to spread this post to those who deny to think the truth.

Anyways, once the price is confirmed and the powers settle it to everyone, I will update this Blog.

So, what do you think about 42 adding the new powers to (ALLPOWERS)? Do you think 2015 is the year xat is greedy? I personally think this is a wrong move, as ALLPOWERS was originally created for those who cannot reach everypower to gain an achievement. However, many users can profit now.

Leave a comment if you have any questions or comments below, I hope this helped!
- Aisha

x500 'BACKUP' Powers Release! (Power 318)


This weekend 42 released the new power, 'BACKUP' into the stores. This is a group power, which is basically like the 'MANAGE' power but includes more features.

On Saturday morning, there was a pre-release of the new power:

500 released costing 300 xats

It is currently unknown whether this power will be LIMITED or UNLIMITED, but at the moment it is limited.

The price after the release was 400 - 450 xats, but has now dropped down to become 300 - 350 xats.

We'll keep you updated as soon as we get more information!
- Aisha

Happy (Chinese) New Year! Power 317 - 'LUNAR'

Xat Power 316... 'SIZE'.

Xat, 'HOLIDAYS' Power.


With Christmas time drawing incredibly near on xat, 

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