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Xat Power Wikipedia

Powers in 2009

Name: Heart
Price originally: 25 xats
Release date: 14th February 2009

Brief Information: Heart is officially xat's 1st ever limited power to be released on xat. It had a cost of a very cheap 25 xats, and was released for Valentine's Day. This power now has high demand, and is currently the cost of 950-1000 xats.

Demand Levels and Prices: Heart sometimes has a very high demand. In the past, it used to have huge demand and raise by 400-700 xats, and then drop down again. This constantly happened between every 2-6 weeks...

The price Heart rose to in November 2009 was 1300 - 1350 xats, or 100 days. It didn't have as much demand back then.

A year later, Heart had rose to a price of 1700 - 1800 xats. This was the common price for the power. Every time it rose interest, it ALWAYS rose to the price of 2000 - 2500 xats. It has never been higher than 2500 xats, and the average price on the raise was 2200 xats!

The only time it rose higher than 2500 xats was in March 2011. Heart was 1300 - 1350 xats before Sebastian rose it to a huge 2500 - 2700 xats! After he sold most of them, it had dropped down to 1700 - 1750 with many trying to sell. Since then, some people have risen it to 1900 - 2000, but has always dropped down again. The highest in 2011 it was risen to other than Sebastian's attempt was by Bryan who caused it to go up to 2000 - 2100 xats!

Power returns: Heart has been released every year since it's debut, up to the current year 2012.

June 10th 2009 - 100 released costing a very cheap 25 xats each, just like on the release date!

2010 - 500 released costing 750 xats each. After the release, the price dropped from 1300 - 1350 xats to 1100 - 1150 xats!
2011 - 1500 released costing 1440 xats each. The price was originally 1700 - 1800 but dropped to 1500 - 1550 xats before the release. After the release, it became 1300 - 1350 xats.
2012 - 2000 released starting at 2500 xats, before dropping quickly to 1016 xats in the stores. The price was 1600 - 1700 xats before the release, and afterwards had become 1000 - 1050, and then the current price 950 - 1000 xats! (21/03/2012)

Name: Gag
Release Date: June 2009
Price originally: 20 days

Brief Information: Gag is a power that lets Moderators and Owners on chats gag a user. This prevents them from talking, on main and PC. The max time you can do is 1 hour, and some assume this is a useless function.

4000 released all at once when it was first released, costing a cheap 20 days each. It was sold out, and had not made any returns since then.

Gag has not always been a very popular power. It was sold for a very cheap price and alot were stocked up at once. The power was around 300 - 600 xats for a while until the beginning of 2010.

There are now currently 6000 gags roaming around the xat world.

Demand Levels and Prices: Like said above, Gag never had many demands. The average price it was was around 500 xats in November 2009. Things however, had started to change during January 2010.

Demand grew, and the price became 900 - 950 xats. It had kept rising before it became 1000 - 1200 xats, and stopped there.

Later on that year, the power kept growing and by the end of the year it was 1700 - 1800 xats!

In 2011, the power was growing in more demand! Spider bought so much and it rose to 2600 - 2800 xats! The power then lost some demand and went to 2300 - 2400 xats. But then, in October the power rose again to 2500 - 2800 xats!

Power returns/releases:

10th June 2009 - 4000 released all at one time, costing 20 days each.
2011 - 2000 released for Black Friday dropping down to 1246 xats! The price was 2000 - 2300 before the release, and after the release became 1300 - 1400 xats.

The demand had then gone low so much, and Sean selling 146 of them that Gag had dropped to 900 - 950 xats.

There has been no other releases of this time.  
Name: Clear
Release Date: March 2009
Price originally: 300 xats

Brief Information: Clear lets you add transparent smilies if you add the following code, (smile#c). You can add it to any smiley!

Clear has an average demand. It is not so big but it is not low in demand either.

Demand Levels and Prices: Clear was originally 1300 - 1400 xats in November 2009, with not as much demand in that year. 500 were released earlier, and it only became 900 - 1000 xats! However, at the start of 2010, Clear managed to raise to 2200 - 2500 xats!

The average cost was 1700 xats, with you getting mocked if you sold for more. However, a few months later, it became a big 5000 - 5300 xats! Who's laughing now, eh?

A month before Black Friday 2010, Clear was in huge demand. Not many were selling it, and it had risen to 5800 - 6000 xats, the highest it's ever been!

Power returns / releases:
Clear has had alot of returns, but we will mention to you the ones that affected the power the most!

10th June 2009 - 200 released costing only 300 xats each! Pretty cheap, huh?!

23rd October 2009 - 500 released at the cost of 500 xats each. There was a count-down in order to get the accurate time for the release of Clear! 

November 2010 - 1000 released costing 2000 xats each when the cost was a huge 5800 - 6000 xats. Everybody was trying to buy it in the stores, as they were aware of a big profit. The cost then dropped to 4500 - 5000 xats, before going down to 3850 - 3950 xats a few days later.

A month or so after, the average cost was around 3900 - 4100 xats.

March 2011 - 500 released costing 3000 xats each when the price was 4050 - 4150 xats on Trade. This power had still alot of eager buyers in the store, but had become 3200 - 3400 xats a few hours on Trade afterwards. 1 month later, the cost rose back again to 4000 - 4100 xats!

September 2011 - 1000 released costing 2500 xats each when the price was a big 4900 - 5000 xats. This was the month when things started to really go up since Black Friday. Therefore, alot of buyers approached the power in store. 

After the release, the price had dropped to 3850 - 3950 xats again, before being risen to 4000 - 4200 xats for a while temporarily. 

November 2011 - 1000 released starting from a high price, before dropping to 2805 xats! The price before the release was originally 3800 - 3900 xats, but before the release dropped to a cheap 3200 - 3400!

After the release, everyone was selling for 2800 - 2900 xats, not much of a profit, eh? A few days after, it rose to 3000 - 3200 xats. Now, it is currently at the cost of 3400 - 3500 xats! (end of march)


Name: Diamond
Release Date: April 2009

Price originally: 200 xats

Brief Information:
Diamond lets you add any Diamond shaped smiley. It is a limited power. On the day of the release, only 750 released into the stores before being sold out!

This was never a huge demand, but once, it had the biggest ever demand...!

Demand Levels and Prices: Diamond was hardly much to have demand. In November 2009, the price rose to 1400 xats. It soon became 1600 - 1700 xats just like Clear, and didn't have a good demand.

However... the price had soon risen. Sadly, I am not currently aware on the cost.

The average cost for Diamond was around 4000 xats. 

Sometime in 2011, however, the cost rose to a big 5500 - 5800 xats. A guy called Oguz had bought 250 and it rose to 6300 - 6500 xats. It kept going up until it went to 7500 - 8000 xats! This is the very first power, other than Angel, to ever reach the limit of 7,000 xats! At this time, Diamond was still pretty rare, and literally nobody was selling or had Diamond on Trade!

Eventually, they sold all, and the cost went down before reaching 4000 - 4500 xats. However, the cost stayed around that for a while.

Power returns: Just like Clear, this power has had alot of releases in the past, and also recently. Therefore, the price has now dropped so much, with not much demand. However, there's always a day that the cost will raise, as well as the demand.

Note: These are not ALL the releases, just the most important ones / ones I can remember. 

April 2009 (release date) - 750 released costing around 200 - 300 xats each. Sadly, I am not sure much detail about this release, other than it was sold out fast.

June 10th 2009 - 200 released costing 200 xats each, just like the store price. If only it was like that nowadays, huh?

October 2009 - 500 released , but I'm afraid we don't know the price, (probably the same as the release cost) 

November 2010 - 1000 released costing 2000 xats each. The price before the release was around 3700 - 4000 xats. It had not much demand after the huge raising to 7500 xats! The price had soon become 3000 - 3300 xats after the release, before a few days later going down to a cheap 2850 - 2900 xats! Whew!

March 2011 - 500 released at an incredibly cheap 1800 xats each! The cost was only 2850 - 2900, but xat decided to release it anyway.

After the release, the cost was 2000 - 2300 xats. Alan rose it back to 2600 - 2800, before Code rose it to 3000 - 3500 xats, for only a few days, before going back down again!

November 2011 - This was the last time Diamond had a good profit... 2000 released starting at a huge price, before going down to 1016 xats! The price was 2300 - 2500 xats before it came out. 

After the release, it had big demand and became 1500 - 1600, but that wasn't to be for a long time as the cost had gone down to a very cheap 1000 - 1050 xats! (at one point it was 950 xats!)

Average on xat currently: 5000 - 6000 Diamond (s)

Name: Angel
Release Date: June 2009

Price originally: 200 xats

Brief Information: Angel gives you a few smilies to add onto any of your own smilies. The most popular and fascinating one is the wings. When you see Angel on somebody's power page, if you hold your mouse on it, you will see a mini animation of it flying away.

Demand Levels and Prices: Angel is the power that has the biggest demand on xat. It has even more than Boot , and there is a very small amount of them!

Like said above, Angel is very popular because of the wings you can add to a smiley. Alot of new xat users plan to save their xats up in order to buy this awesome power, and you are considered to be "rich" if you have a few of these...!

The lowest cost of Angel seen was 2000 xats. Not many users know how many or the cost it originally was when it came out, but has always gone high. The average cost was 8000 xats! (sheesh, huh?)

The cost in May 2010 was 4000 xats average because of its release, but the cost was rumour 

Power returns/releases: Angel has had the most releases, yet it is the most popular and one of the highest ever limited powers! We only managed to cover a few releases...

29th September 2009 - 500 released costing 500 xats each!

**NOTE** - We don't know when, but at some time in 2010 xat had released 500 Angels costing 1,000 xats each!

November 2010 - 1000 released costing 2000 xats each. The price was a huge 8600 - 8800 xats before the release.

On the Black Friday day, the price zoomed down to 6000 - 6500 because users knew it was going to release sometime at night. It actually came out at 10pm GMT Time

After the release, it became 7000 - 7500 xats, before dropping to 6500 - 7000 xats!

September 2011 - 1000 released costing 4000 xats each. The price was a record-breaking 10000 - 10500 xats before returning! Users made huge profits from this, as after the release it became back to 9000 - 9500 xats. At one point, it was 11,000 xats...!

November 2011 - 2 months later, 500 released dropping down in price to 6696 xats!   
Name: Fade
Release Date: May 2009

Price originally: 200 xats

Brief Information: Fade lets you add fading effects, (like a ghost) to any yellow smiley. Just add the code #f to activate the code.

On the release date, 2000 released costing only 200 xats each. Alot were released, but it had quite a demand...

Demand Levels and Prices: Fade's highest cost it ever reached was 6000 - 6300 xats, where everyone was trying to buy it. The average cost in 2010 was 5,000 xats. Fade was one of the powers that hardly released often.

In November 2009, the cost was between 1300 - 1350 xats. 

The current demand levels (2012) is not that much now, due to how many times Fade released in the stores at 2011. 

Power returns/releases:

May 26th 2009 (release date) - A small amount of 2000 released costing 200 xats each. It sold out quite fast, and went at the price of 250 - 300 xats after the release...!

June 10th 2009 - 200 released again costing the price of 200 xats each! 

November 26th 2010 - It's Black Friday time! 1000 released costing 2,000 xats each when the price on Trade was an expensive 4800 - 5000 xats! Fade was going out of stores very quickly. 
1 per user every 3 minutes!
After the release straight away, the price dropped to 2300 - 2500 xats. The next day, the price rose to 3700 - 4000 xats, before a few days later quickly going down to 2900 - 3000 xats!

September 2011 - To celebrate xat's anniversary, an amount of 750 released dropping down in price in the stores until it went unavailable at 1,800 xats. The cost before the release was 3800 - 4000 xats. After the release, it became 3000 - 3200 xats, before going down to 2800 - 2900!

November 25th 2011 - Black Friday came again, so Fade was a target again! 2000 released dropping down in price until it reached the cost of 1,600 xats! The price zoomed to 1,900 - 2,000 xats, before going down to 1,300 - 1,400 xats!

Average amount of Fades currently: 6,500

Name: Boot
Status: LIMITED / EPIC (?)
Release Date: 25th March 2009

Price originally: 80 days

Boot is the most rarest power to be around on xat. Nobody is aware on exactly how many they were, but it was available in stores for a couple of days.

This power gives users the function to boot lower ranks to any chat. Simply just click the user you wish to boot, then click 'kick', name the chat you want them booted to, with the reason.

How it works?

Powers in 2010


 Name: Valentine
Release Date: 14th February 2010
Price Originally: 300 xats

Valentine is obviously from the name, a Valentine's themed power which has smileys to do with the day and loving smileys they are as well.

When they were first released, xat had an official count-down to keep in track with the power. The power was also going to release before Heart came back...

The price of Valentine after the release was 500 - 700 xats, when it had then been risen. Valentine was not a key power for interest or much profit, though it did go up to 1500 - 1700 at one point, after being risen by Spider.

Valentine's highest ever price was 2100 - 2300 xats, that was before the release in 2012. That year, before it was released, the price was very high indeed.

Power returns/releases:

14th February 2010 (release date) - 1000 released every few hours costing 300 xats each! The price on Trade after the release was around 600 xats average.

14th February 2011 - 1500 released costing an expensive 1100 xats each! The price on Trade before the release was only 1,300 - 1,400 xats, where it had gone down to 950 - 1000 xats a few days later! Not much profit?

14th February 2012 - 1000 released starting at 2500 xats each and dropping down in price every 10 minutes until it was sold out at 1396 xats. A few users didn't think the power was going to raise, but it rose and stayed at 1650 - 1750 xats, which is the current price. (April 2012)

 Name: Irish
Release Date: March 2010
Price Originally: 350 xats
Average cost - 550 - 600 xats

Irish has had some interest, and has been risen quite a few times by different kinds of profiters. The first one was by Luiscleber, who made Irish 850 - 950 xats after the release!

The average price of Irish was around 500 - 600 xats, that was the price that it would always drop to once it was risen by a trader.

The second highest price of Irish was risen by ZoRo, along with me, (Aisha) Cheese and a few others. The price was 500 - 550, but we had risen it to 750 - 800 xats! However, most of the people sold it and it dropped to 600 - 650 xats. That was in April 2011.

The third highest price was risen by somebody with a 7 digit a few months later. The price was still 600 - 650 xats, but they had bought over 250 and it had become 800 - 900 xats. That lasted only a week or so, before it had then dropped back down again to 650 - 700 xats!

The fourth highest price was when it was 550 - 600 xats, and at Christmas 2010, a few people bought some Irish to make it 650 - 700 xats. Not much profit there, though...

The lowest price Irish has ever been was 375 - 400 xats, when the power was still releasing.

Power returns/releases:

March 2010 (release date) - It was rumoured on a forum that 5000 released all at once for one of the releases, though there may have been more releases before or after it. The cost was 350 xats each.

After the release, the price became 375 - 425 xats.

March 2011 - 500 released costing 300 xats each to celebrate this years St. Patrick's Day. The price was 600 - 650 xats before the release. A few days later, the price dropped quite heavily and became 450 - 500 xats...

March 2010 - 1000 released starting at 800 xats each. The price was originally meant to drop to 400 xats , however it was sold out at 536 xats and had high demand on Trade, with users buying for 540 - 560 xats!

After the release, the price only rose to 575 - 600, but the demand had been fairly lost and dropped to 530 - 550 xats. Users were not able to profit as much as they could've.

Name: Easter
Status: LIMITED!
Release Date: April 2010
Price: 300 xats






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