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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

Six Power in Store RIGHT NOW! (Final updates)

Xat have finally done it.... they've re-released the limited power Six into stores to celebrate Halloween!

The limited power "Six", a power that hasn't been released since summer 2010 and has almost hit the mark of 10,000 xats...!

1,500 Six powers were released at 6.20PM GBT Time starting at 10,000 xats each! However, xat have said something that is pretty confusing...

 So I decided to ask Christina what it meant, and she replied with this:
So far, nobody has bought the power and it has been 5 minutes already...! Could this mean that the Six power release could become a fail?

Haha, I guess this was xat's happy Halloween present for us all, or a great Trick to scare everyone and annoy them who already had it...!

Please read the following updates below to keep in track with the releases...

UPDATE 1: The power has now dropped to 9862 xats (6.30PM) which is 138 xats it has reduced by.
UPDATE 2: Because the Six power has been released, the Purple power has been dropped to 24,400 - 24,600 xats, and the Namecolor power has been dropped to 9,800 - 9,900 xats! Get yours now before the power raises again!
UPDATE 3: The price has now been reduced to 9,724 xats, and still nobody has bought the Six power from the store yet. We can now confirm that the power drops by 138 xats every 10 minutes!
UPDATE 4: Someone finally bought the first six, and at 6.45PM, half an hour after the power was released! The price is still the same... (:
UPDATE 5: Price has dropped to 9586 xats, and people are now desperate to sell their Six's they already had for 9000 xats, as well as Purples and Namecolors!
UPDATE 6: Only 2 Six powers have been bought altogether in total, with the price having dropped to 9448 xats!
UPDATE 7: Six has now dropped to 9310 xats and still only 2 were bought in total. Six is now being bought for 7000 - 7500 and sold for 8000 - 8500. You can now start to see that the power is dropping / failing.  
UPDATE 8: Price is now 9172 , and still nobody else has bought Six since last person. 
UPDATE 9: The Epic power Purple is starting to slowly go back up, (24600-24650) while the Namecolor power price is still the same, but is starting to grow more demand. (7.25PM)
UPDATE 10: Six power has been dropped to 9034 xats, (7.30PM) and people who already had it are struggling to sell. Also, people are now buying Namecolor for 9750 - 9800, and there are still 2 Six powers that have been bought out of the 1,500 since it released over an hour ago...!
UPDATE 11: 1 more Six power has been bought @9034 xats!  (7.34PM)
UPDATE 12: Six has finally been dropped under 9k and is now the price of 8896 xats! (7.40PM) . I am going to stop doing this for now, but you get the general idea. 1,497 Six powers are still remaining! If there are any really important updates then we will get you posted as soon as possible!
UPDATE 13: The Six power started selling rapidly at 11PM GBT, and when it was getting close to 6,000 xats in store. Also, this is the time when Americans are returning from school, while sadly people in UK are beginning to sleep.
UPDATE 14: SIX POWER IS SOLD OUT OF STORE! The price was 5,860 xats and it went out at around 12.00AM GBT, and is now costing between 6500 - 6700 xats on Trade!
FINAL UPDATES: The Purple price has risen back to it's original price, which is 24,750 - 24,825 xats, while Namecolor's price is still down... (9,930 - 9,970) but it's surely to go back up when the demand is higher again and not so focused on Six! 

Get your Six power now @http://www.xat.com/powers before the power is withdrawn! 1 Six Power per user!

What price was Six before?
Six was between 9000 - 9300 xats before the power was released. It was a sudden release with no given warning, and Trade were shocked. However, Six doesn't have such a popular demand as Angel, but is the second most expensive power on xat!

Is it worth buying despite being so rare?
It depends on how much you want the power, but it's going to take a couple of hours before the power drops below than the price it was on Trade. However, I wouldn't recommend buying, instead I would set my eyes on the Namecolors and Purples that people are so desperate to sell cheap!
Mini Fair Trade Guide...!
Purple = 24,400 = 24,600 xats  Recommended Price: 24,500 xats
 Namecolor = 9,700 - 9,850 xats Recommended Price: 9,800 xats

Six = 7,000 - 8,000 xats
Recommended Price: 7,000 xats

Hope you managed to obtain yourself a Six power, and have a great Happy Halloween! (:
~ Aisha 

Happy Halloween Guys!

You know what today is, right...? It's Halloween...!

Who here is going to go Trick or Treating? Not me, I'm getting too old, haha. (:

Have a great blast, and feel free to tell me what you did last weekend and what you're going to do for Halloween tonight! Will you eat some sweets, or watch some horror movies at midnight before going to bed?! Just make sure not to make yourself too spooked out tonight! Haha.

Until then... Have a great time!

KDog Power NOW in store! (Final Updates)

Xat have finally released xat's #149 power, also known as the limited power called KDog!

The power released at 6PM GBT Time, and is in store until all is sold out.

Do you remember when xat used to release powers at once, starting with a high price, and then dropping? They've done it again! Now powers may not fail so much as Stoneage, Nerd, School, and Spaceban!

7,000 KDog powers have been released at once, costing 600 xats each! The price will drop, so don't buy YET!

UPDATE 1: In just 2 minutes the store has sold 250 KDogs altogether, and the price hasn't dropped!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Xat have updated on Twitter that the KDog price will drop to 300 xats! However, almost 500 have been sold, (6.20pm) and the price hasn't dropped yet!

UPDATE 3: The price has dropped to 595 xats in the stores! (6.30pm) and we assume that the power is dropping 5 xats every half an hour! 

FINAL UPDATES: KDog sold out at almost 9PM GBT Time. It was being bought rapidly when the price reached 320 xats, only 1,288 were remaining! The final price it sold out was @320 xats, despite the power able to drop to a limit of 300 xats!

The price was 400 xats, and now it has dropped to an average of 350 xats. 7,000 were sold as a reminder, and no more will be sold!   

What does KDog do?
This power is not a group power, like the Kchick power, but comes with similar smiles to all the other K / GK powers! Gkaoani Dog smileys! (coming soon)

We'll keep on updating you with the information, so please keep on checking!

Get yours now at: http://www.xat.com/powers

Did you know?
Did you know that all the GK powers other than Gkaliens and Kchick have had this release? But only 1 has been profitable.

KDog in store... but not fully released!

Xat have put the limited power KDog in the store, but are still setting it up...

This happened at around 5PM GBT Time, and won't be long now until released!

Keep looking!

Xat's Power #149 is the KDog power!

I was checking xat's twitter today like I usually do, and I found some great information for fellow profiters!

Of course, our prediction was correct, as this power that's coming is going to be limited! Also like KChick, the power will also not be a group power. The picture for the power is also confirmed, check it out!


Pretty cute, huh?!

We also managed to predict that the next power was going to be KDog, as there is a pattern. You can expect that the next few powers xat will release are all the animals.

What do you think of the power? Let us know!

NOTE: We'll post right away as soon as the power is released or there are any further updates on the power...!

Xat Trade Video coming soon...!

Hey guys!

This is a very important post, so please can everyone who goes on Trade spare a moment of their time and read this post, as it will cause great benefit for you in the future.

It's been happening for several weeks - months now, and I want to get everyones approval, especially the Owners and Moderators on Trade. 

What's been going on?
People have been sending reports that people have scammed or have broken the rules. This is the right thing to do when something like this happens, BUT there's one problem... We're not getting ENOUGH proof!

This may either be that they report the problem by just saying it to a member of staff, with no image required, or they may send a screenshot, that doesn't have the person's ID (Identification Number & Registration name) which means we won't be able to know who the person actually is, and will remain unbanned.

The most common problem, which mainly I have been getting, is people reporting scammers, who change the price of the Trade, but it doesn't have a red box in! The red box shows you that the person has changed the price, but that only happens after you've typed in your password and clicked 'Accept Trade'.

So what are you going to do about it?
 The video that I'm going to make will explain to you why the screenshots that everyone sends me can result with them not becoming banned, as well as what you can do. It will tell you what the picture or video, (whatever you're reporting) must include, which is the following:
Must have the person's ID number and registration name, so we know who they are.
A red box to show that the person has updated the following price when trading with them.
A screenshot or video the right size to view the conversation and the trade box
You and your trader both confirming the price of the Trade!

If you do not have the following shown above in green, then your proof is not sufficent enough to ban the scammer / person you are trying to report.

If we get enough members of the Trade staff to confirm this, then I shall make a video for it by 2012. If not, then we will try and find another way in order to get this message across.

Thank you for reading and your co-operation, and for us all, I hope that our staff work will be much easier and less tiring! (:
NOTE: Please comment if this is a good idea or not, I would love to know.



Power 149 In Testing!

Last night, xat put their newest power into the testing phase.

The next power will be xat's #149 power, and like always, only a certain few have the power. I managed to catch one of them who bought it trying to sell:

<- He bought the test power for 4,000 xats. Do you think that was a fair trade for him?

We do not know much about this power yet. The testing began late due to Bot's late release on Tuesday. We will keep you updated with our next post with all the information we know!

NOTE: I predict that the next power is going to be limited. What do you think? Comment and let me know!

Bot Power Released!

A few hours ago, xat finally released xat's #150 called the Bot power:

The power costs 1,000 xats in store and is an unlimited group power, that lets you create a bot for your chat.

NOTE: For all the information that you need about the Bot power, please look at our previous post called 'Bot Power Confirmed Completley' or click the link and it should direct you to it.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You still need to create your own xat bots from another website. You can use these ones, as they are completley safe and recommended by 42...
If you want to use Brian's bots, then click the following link: Newbot 
If you would like to use William's bots, then click the following link: Newbot2
Unfortunatley there are some bot sites that are a con, so make sure that you're careful...!

IMPORTANT NOTICE 2: Here are the reminders on what you need to be careful and responsible of when using the Bot power: (the ones highlighted in red are the most important, the green isn't)

  • This power is in beta
  • This power IS NOT A BOT, it is the ability to add a bot to a chat
  • xat could withdraw the power and refund the purchase price without warning
  • Note this is an experimental power and could be withdrawn. It does not imply that bots are approved for use with xat chat. If you have this power you can use a bot on your group but if the bot breaks the xat terms your group could be deleted and you will lose the power. If you use a 3rd party bot you have to give the bot id password to the 3rd party BUT you do not have to give them access to the bot email (you should never share an email account). Bots cannot trade so the powers / days that the bot has are safe.
  • After this power is released this will be the only acceptable way to connect a bot to xat
  • If your bot is abusive the server could be blocked from accessing xat
  • Bots must adhere to the xat terms
  • Bots must use a registered ID
What do you think of the Bot power? Are you going to create a Bot for your chat? Let me know, and maybe I can see it sometime, haha! (:

Six to be released on Black Friday?

Around 10 minutes ago, I asked 42 whether he would re-release the limited power Six as it is a Halloween related power, and has not been released for over a year... he said:

Could this year's Black Friday be one with Six included? Let me know!
NOTE: Six's price is currently over 9000 xats, and is due to possibly go higher. It's best to leave the power just in case!

Bot Power Confirmed COMPLETLEY!

We're sorry for saying that we've covered all the information about Bot, but more things need to be updated, so we've now uncovered more things!

The Bot power is going to be xat's #150 power.

The power began the testing phase this Tuesday, and the picture was confirmed on Thursday. Here it is:

<- Xat's #150 power, also known as the Bot power...

We've found out that the Bot power does NOT give you a bot for your chat, instead it allows you to connect your own bot to your chatroom!

This power is also a Group power, as you can assign your bot to your chat, and we assume any other chat as well. 

The power also comes with 9 bonus smileys. 42 has currently made 5 smileys for the bot power! The 5 are the first 5 smileys in the list, which will be shown in order from left to right:
NOTE: The following smileys are: (bot1)(bot2)(bot3)(bot4)(bot5)(bot6)(bot7)(bot8)(bot9)

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The old bot smiley, (which is also used for bot1) is still available for everyone to use, and will not require use of the Bot power...!

We are not sure whether this power is going to be limited or not, but there is a debate whether it is or not. Here is the evidence to proof that the power can be limited...

You can see why by scrolling down and reading the Abuse

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: A few days ago, a xat volunteer named Cupim said that people can get torched when abuse of the Bot power, or using a 3rd party program. We don't know exactly all of the details on why, but we will tell you to be very responsible and to use the Bot power safely!

We thought that the Bot power was going to be released either on Friday or Saturday, but now it is Sunday evening and the power is still not released. However, the power is making huge progress as we can now see what our bot will be and do:

42 is on http://www.xat.com/xat_test at the moment and is testing the Bot power. 

We do not know how much the Bot power will be, and when it will be released, but now that you know all the Information, we hope this covers everything! (:

Abuse The Boot power, which was released on xat for 80 days back in 2009, is concidered an Epic power, due to it costing more than Namecolor. Only a very few amount of Boots are in xat, and is never supposed to return in stores, due to abuse of booting people to chats for advertisement, etc. As a concequence, xat were supposed to force you to 'forfeit' the power, with no given refund.

The Bot power, which is due to be xat's next power, is supposed to be releasing sometime in the following upcoming week, however we are not aware of when. We've had 5 days of testing the power, and is almost finished. It comes in the same category as Boot, abusing the Bot power. This can be by using abusing messages when entering a chat, or using them all on someone else's chat, though you may need group power activation. The concequence is supposed to be your account being torched, but we need more details on that.

Torch When your account is something we call, 'torched', it means that xat take away your powers, xats and days automatically, leaving you with nothing left but your registration number. This can happen due to scamming, transfering too much xats making you a victim to possibly a phisher, etc. However, this can only be caused by 42, the xat admin. Hackers and scammers are not able to do this, that is an entierly different story. 

New Xat Spider Kiss!

Yesterday, xat announced on their twitter that they have released a new kiss for Halloween, Spider!

  • xat said: "Time to scare your friends! SPIDER kiss has been added." 1 second ago
 Here is a general idea of what the kiss would look like:

Have you used it yet? Or are you going to use it? Let me know by commenting below!

Halloween Power has Released NOW!

Xat has re-released the limited power Halloween just a few minutes ago! (4.30PM GBT time)

1,500 Halloween powers have been released, starting at 2,500 xats! N.B. PRICE WILL DROP!
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The power drops 18 xats every 10 minutes, apparently. 1 per user we also assume! Get yours now at: http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetPowers.php

Update 1: The price has now dropped to 2482 xats!
Update 2: Price has now dropped to 2464 xats! 
Update 3: Price has dropped to 2446 xats! (5.04pm) 
Update 4: Dropped price to 2428 xats! (5.14pm)



Happy Early Halloween guys! <3 

Bot Power Last Update!

We've just managed to uncover the last bits of information we need about the bot power before it's due for release:

1) The Bot power is said to be xat's #150 power.
2) We suspect that only a few Bots will be around xat, due to the abuse like the Boot power, which reaches the price of over 11k.

We're not sure yet whether the power is going to be limited or not, but a few people think it will.

Xat have changed the picture for the new power. This is what it's changed to:

42 has currently made 4 smileys for this power. There are currently 9 smileys. They are the following...

Here are the following which have been made, from left to right in order: (bot1)(bot2)(bot3)(bot4)

There are still 5 more smileys that 42 needs to make, before he can decide the price and how the power is going to release. It is still currently in testing and is due to release either today or tomorrow.
Our next post will explain about when it was released, and how profitable, etc it is, along with the smileys!

Bot Power Updates!

We've just discovered updates about xat's #150 power, called the Bot power!

UPDATE 1: (Friday 21st October 2011) We've now got a picture and the name is confirmed for the ne power. Here it is...


This power is currently in testing since yesterday evening, and is currently at the price of 2,500 - 3,500 xats and is due to drop by tomorrow. 

Here is the information that xat posted on twitter hours ago:

The next power is called the BOT power. This power lets you create bots for your chat. This is an unusual power, as its pretty strange for one.

 Now there are some questions that you may like answered...

Weren't people able to create bots before?
Yes.  Before, somebody created a program with 42's permission called http://www.xattenger.com where you were able to create your own bots and put them on your own chatroom, saying automatic things. It annoyed some people, and it was quite complicated to set up, they vanished randomly, etc.

Is the power going to be limited or unlimited?
A close friend told me that the power releasing is most likely going to be limited! He asked 42 and this is what he said:

 He always asks 42 and he gives almost the accurate answer!
UPDATE 2: We have discovered the reason as to why bot would be limited. Boot has and never will appear in the stores, due to abuse of booting to chats. Bot is the same. People can make bots for their chat to...
1) Make it popular
2) Try and put them all on another chat, etc.  

Is the Bot power worth it at the moment?
No. The price is extremely high because it is in testing. Tomorrow, it will most likely be 1000 - 1500 xats because powers usually release either Friday or on Saturday.

We will have more info when possible!

Just Got Demoted On Trade Again :D

Just a few minutes ago, for no reason whatsoever, me and 3 other people got demoted from Trade.

This is the 4th time that I've been demoted on Trade. One by Christina, one by a Trade reset and I never got my position back, one by Zoro and now by Ghosthunder.

These demotions all have NO reason whatsoever, which proves that the Trade staff are mucked up. This is because...

1) They demote all the good mods and members, and then can't find an appropiate reason to do so!
2) Brandon and Nitro and Spider (all owners) quit xat, and there are now only 2 perm owners.
3) They make random people temp, or if they just report a rule breaker once, they get temp or perm member.
4) They want to make people 'miserable' or when they've had a bad day, they like to take it out on other people.

Bryan, who is one of the xattrade editors, was an extremely good one. He shouldn't have been demoted! Me, however, didn't even try to earn perm mod this time, so therefore I don't really care.

This may seem like I'm taking things seriously, but I'm not. I would like all of you, especially those who were trade staff,  to think about how things have been run now, and how efficent it was run back in 2009. Comment your thoughts below.


Xat's 150 Power Confirmed!

Hello guys!

We've just managed to confirm that xat's #150 power is going to be called the Bot power!

The power began going through the testing phrase yesterday. It doesn't have a picture yet, but will tomorrow, and nobodys sure whether the power is going to be limited or not either.

Here's the evidence and proof from the information we gathered:

Cupim is a xat volunteer, which means he tests powers. Be became one sometime this year, so that's good for him! (:

What do you think the Bot power is going to be like? Comment your opinions!
NOTE: Also, please take some of your time to take part in our Halloween themed poll!

Halloween Smileys Update!

Xat just put on their twitter that they've added a new kiss for the Halloween power!

 NOTE: You must have the Halloween Power in order to use this kiss.

Party Apologises...

Hello guys...

I am extremely sorry about the party that was supposed to be held yesterday evening. That's because I got back home an hour later when it was supposed to start, and I didn't know about what I was going to do...

So, here's the good news! Becky managed to get her gifts on Saturday, and I've been thinking hard and I'm going to hold another party to replace it! An even better one!

Here are the details...

Saturday 22nd October 2011
6.30 - 7.30 PM GBT Time

I really hope as many of you are able to come as last time, and I'll make it up for you all that could make it! (:

Please comment if you're able to come, or type /f89694323 to add me and PC me!

Thank you, and I'm sorry for the changes. 

Carve Power Released!




There may be a glitch saying you have to wait a few extra minutes when buying. Please comment if you've got the same.

Carve Power Updates!

Updates on the Carve power:

  • The last release of the Carve power was 4 hours ago. 1,000 of this power were released.
  • Before that, the power released at 11PM GBT Time, 1,000 more of the power were in stores at 400 xats each.
  •  There are currently 4,000 - 5,000 Carve powers on Trade. 

    The power is now costing 550 - 650 xats on Trade. Apparently, some users were buying the power for 1,000 - 1,200 xats because they thought the power stopped releasing!

    More updates on the power will be posted soon!

Carve Power Released!

The most unexpected thing had just happened on xat...!

Yesterday, xat released Power #147 called the Spooky power, which was originally supposed to be limited, but not is unlimited!

At 6PM GBT Time, (Saturday)  xat released power #148 called the Carve power. Unlike the Spooky power, this power is limited!

Here is a picture of the Carve power:

This power costs 400 xats in store, and xat have released around 2,000 of this power at the moment, according to one person. The price was 800 xats earlier, but now reaches the price of 500 - 600 xats.

This is one of the first times since powers started releasing in 2009 that xat have released two new powers in a week!

We'll keep updates with you later on!   

Spooky Power Released!

Yesterday at 5pm GBT time, xat released the Spooky power...!

This power is unlimited and is also a group power. It costs 200 xats in the store. 

What does Spooky do?
Spooky is a power like Winter, Love, Horror and Feast. You can have flix animated backgrounds on your chat!

The following you can as your chat background are: Pumpkins, Owl. Evil eyes, and Cat.

You can also add some flix animations to your background! The following are:  Candles, Organ, Spider. Owl, Evil eyes, Cat

That's not all! The Spooky power comes with additional smileys: (coming soon) The following smileys are listed in order from left to right...
(spooky) (sixeyes) (bat2) (blackcat) (blackwidow) (ghost2) (plant) (hockeymask) (scarecrow) (pumpkin3d)

Surprised? There's more to the power though! If you have the Spooky power and Hat power, you can use these Halloween themed pawns for a limited time only!

(hat#hw) (hat#hh) (hat#hk)   

What do you think of the Spooky power? Good enough as a Halloween power? Take part in our poll next week and let me know!


Hey guys!

Now, most of you probably know what this post is going to be about, so, please do the following...

STEP 1: Include your registered ID and xat username
STEP 2: Say if you're able to come or not.

Thanks (:
Note: I'll check all these up by the following Thursday, with more details coming on Friday!

Kchick's Second Release!

Xat released the limited power, Kchick for the second time!

500 Kchick powers were released at 4.30PM GBT Time costing 200 xats each! The power released when it was 450 - 500 on Trade.

The power is now unavailable, and varies at the cost of between 250 - 350 xats! 

NOTE: Brian, the main owner on the Help chat, said that there are a total now of 5,400 Kchick powers currently on xat, and possibly more on its way...!

What do you think of the power? Are you able to profit it? Let me know!

Users were able to buy up to 3 Kchick powers before it became unavailable in stores... Get yours now at: http://www.xat.com/trade 

Kchick power released!

Hey guys!

Last night, xat released their newest power, called Kchick!

 This power is limited and costs 350 - 400 at the moment on Trade. 

Xat like to release powers differently, and kchick is a power they're releasing differently too... Check what they posted on their twitter last night!

Between 2,500 - 3,000 Kchick powers were released costing 200 xats each. We're not sure how many per user people were able to buy yet but we will tell you as soon as we find out!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We do not know when the power will release again, as xat have promised the power to be released at random times. The last time it released was most likely between 7-9PM GBT time.

Power Description:
1. Kchick comes with gkaoani themed chick smileys: (kchick) (kccrying) (kcdizzy) (kceek) (kcglare) (kclook) (kcsad) (kcsmug) (kctongue) (kcwink)  

2. The power is also a group power. Only users with subscription days will be able to use this power when assigned to a chatroom.

3. For a limited time only, you can use these Halloween themed pawns when you have the Kchick power!

Ghost: (hat#hg)  
Pumpkin: (hat#hp)  
Scythe: (hat#hs)  
Frankenstein: (hat#hf) 
Mummy: (hat#hm) 
Bat: (hat#hb)
Apple: (hat#ha) 
Candy: (hat#hc) 
Tomb: (hat#ht)  
Cauldron: (hat#hd)
Pumpkin2: (hat#hr)  

What do you think of the Kchick power? Let me know! 

Peace Power finally UNLIMITED!

Hey guys!

After 2-3 weeks xat made the Peace power finally unlimited in the stores!

The price is still 200 xats for the power. Before it was released, 8,000 Peace powers were on xat, and the price dropped from first 800 - 900 to 190 - 210 xats! The price is now 170 - 190 xats.

Power Description:
When Peace first became released, I promised you that I would give you all the Information again about this power when it returned unlimited, and that time is now:

The Peace power comes with Peace themed smileys: here are the following smileys listed in order from left to right...

 (peace) (dove) (dove2) (dove3) (hglass) (phair1) (phair2) (phair3) (rbe) (reggae) 

NOTE: When the Peace power first released, you were also able to have Peace themed hats for a limited time only. Now you can not have the pawns anymore.

What do you think of the Peace power? How did you like our poll we did about it? Comment your opinions about the poll and power now!

Xat's gone Pumpkins!

Guess what?!

This evening I went on the Trade chatroom, and I was surprised at the things I saw...

1) Trade have put up their Halloween FLIX background already for this month! (they used the Horror power)
2) Xat put it so that every smiley you do comes up as a pumpkin, like the following picture below...

The actual smiley was supposed to be the Sins power. I find this pretty annoying, but forget about me, what do you think? Give me your opinions!

Xatblogs' contest revealed!

Hey guys!

We're sorry for the late post about xatblogs competitions winners being announced!

What was the contest?
The contest was that people were supposed to come up with a ban game. (E.g. Spaceban, Matchban, Snakeban) 

Pictures of the power were also supposed to be included, and people had around 3 weeks to give entries. Users were able to post as many entries as they wanted! The first prize was boot + a test power 2k worth, second Angel, third fade and second Heart.

Who was the winner?
The winner was a ban that involved you getting out of the maze! For more details, including the picture, check out xatblogs! You can find the link for the competition results on xats twitter, which is also included on this blog! Sweet, huh?

Did you enter the xatblogs contest? What did you apply? Comment here!

Xat Power 146 Confirmed!

Hey guys!

We've just confirmed that xat's new power 146 is known to be the 'Kchick' power!

We're not sure whether or not this power is going to be limited, and xat haven't updated anything on their twitter yet, but we've got a good idea on what the power will be like...

"Kchick power will be a non limited group power costing around 200 xats. Chick smileys for all to enjoy. Only people with subscription days would be able to use this power. It'll be based on Kpeng!"

Pl ease note that the information about the power is not confirmed, its just a general idea. The price right now is 1000 - 1500 xats, and is due to be released in stores either today or tomorrow, must likely today (Friday)
NOTE: Powers usually release between 4-9PM GBT Time. This post was made at 6.30PM and the power is still not released. However, I recommend that you DO NOT buy the power!

Do you like the new power? Let me know!

NOTE: The Peace power that xat released 2 weeks ago for 200 each is still a limited power. Some people think now that the power will actually stay limited, though people still believe xat will release this power as unlimited! The price of this power is 200 - 210 xats, and there are around 8000 Peace powers on xat. Like always, we'll keep you updated and post whenever something changes. For the meantime, we're going to confirm that the Peace power is limited as also xat have not released anymore Peace powers. Thank you! (:
Cost eachQuantityor check Description Please read carefully!
Peaceful smilies
Unavailable, try trading


Peace themed smilies. NOT LIMITED. See wiki for details

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