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Spooky Power Released!

Yesterday at 5pm GBT time, xat released the Spooky power...!

This power is unlimited and is also a group power. It costs 200 xats in the store. 

What does Spooky do?
Spooky is a power like Winter, Love, Horror and Feast. You can have flix animated backgrounds on your chat!

The following you can as your chat background are: Pumpkins, Owl. Evil eyes, and Cat.

You can also add some flix animations to your background! The following are:  Candles, Organ, Spider. Owl, Evil eyes, Cat

That's not all! The Spooky power comes with additional smileys: (coming soon) The following smileys are listed in order from left to right...
(spooky) (sixeyes) (bat2) (blackcat) (blackwidow) (ghost2) (plant) (hockeymask) (scarecrow) (pumpkin3d)

Surprised? There's more to the power though! If you have the Spooky power and Hat power, you can use these Halloween themed pawns for a limited time only!

(hat#hw) (hat#hh) (hat#hk)   

What do you think of the Spooky power? Good enough as a Halloween power? Take part in our poll next week and let me know!

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