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Just Got Demoted On Trade Again :D

Just a few minutes ago, for no reason whatsoever, me and 3 other people got demoted from Trade.

This is the 4th time that I've been demoted on Trade. One by Christina, one by a Trade reset and I never got my position back, one by Zoro and now by Ghosthunder.

These demotions all have NO reason whatsoever, which proves that the Trade staff are mucked up. This is because...

1) They demote all the good mods and members, and then can't find an appropiate reason to do so!
2) Brandon and Nitro and Spider (all owners) quit xat, and there are now only 2 perm owners.
3) They make random people temp, or if they just report a rule breaker once, they get temp or perm member.
4) They want to make people 'miserable' or when they've had a bad day, they like to take it out on other people.

Bryan, who is one of the xattrade editors, was an extremely good one. He shouldn't have been demoted! Me, however, didn't even try to earn perm mod this time, so therefore I don't really care.

This may seem like I'm taking things seriously, but I'm not. I would like all of you, especially those who were trade staff,  to think about how things have been run now, and how efficent it was run back in 2009. Comment your thoughts below.


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