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Bot Power Confirmed COMPLETLEY!

We're sorry for saying that we've covered all the information about Bot, but more things need to be updated, so we've now uncovered more things!

The Bot power is going to be xat's #150 power.

The power began the testing phase this Tuesday, and the picture was confirmed on Thursday. Here it is:

<- Xat's #150 power, also known as the Bot power...

We've found out that the Bot power does NOT give you a bot for your chat, instead it allows you to connect your own bot to your chatroom!

This power is also a Group power, as you can assign your bot to your chat, and we assume any other chat as well. 

The power also comes with 9 bonus smileys. 42 has currently made 5 smileys for the bot power! The 5 are the first 5 smileys in the list, which will be shown in order from left to right:
NOTE: The following smileys are: (bot1)(bot2)(bot3)(bot4)(bot5)(bot6)(bot7)(bot8)(bot9)

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The old bot smiley, (which is also used for bot1) is still available for everyone to use, and will not require use of the Bot power...!

We are not sure whether this power is going to be limited or not, but there is a debate whether it is or not. Here is the evidence to proof that the power can be limited...

You can see why by scrolling down and reading the Abuse

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: A few days ago, a xat volunteer named Cupim said that people can get torched when abuse of the Bot power, or using a 3rd party program. We don't know exactly all of the details on why, but we will tell you to be very responsible and to use the Bot power safely!

We thought that the Bot power was going to be released either on Friday or Saturday, but now it is Sunday evening and the power is still not released. However, the power is making huge progress as we can now see what our bot will be and do:

42 is on http://www.xat.com/xat_test at the moment and is testing the Bot power. 

We do not know how much the Bot power will be, and when it will be released, but now that you know all the Information, we hope this covers everything! (:

Abuse The Boot power, which was released on xat for 80 days back in 2009, is concidered an Epic power, due to it costing more than Namecolor. Only a very few amount of Boots are in xat, and is never supposed to return in stores, due to abuse of booting people to chats for advertisement, etc. As a concequence, xat were supposed to force you to 'forfeit' the power, with no given refund.

The Bot power, which is due to be xat's next power, is supposed to be releasing sometime in the following upcoming week, however we are not aware of when. We've had 5 days of testing the power, and is almost finished. It comes in the same category as Boot, abusing the Bot power. This can be by using abusing messages when entering a chat, or using them all on someone else's chat, though you may need group power activation. The concequence is supposed to be your account being torched, but we need more details on that.

Torch When your account is something we call, 'torched', it means that xat take away your powers, xats and days automatically, leaving you with nothing left but your registration number. This can happen due to scamming, transfering too much xats making you a victim to possibly a phisher, etc. However, this can only be caused by 42, the xat admin. Hackers and scammers are not able to do this, that is an entierly different story. 

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