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Bot Power Released!

A few hours ago, xat finally released xat's #150 called the Bot power:

The power costs 1,000 xats in store and is an unlimited group power, that lets you create a bot for your chat.

NOTE: For all the information that you need about the Bot power, please look at our previous post called 'Bot Power Confirmed Completley' or click the link and it should direct you to it.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You still need to create your own xat bots from another website. You can use these ones, as they are completley safe and recommended by 42...
If you want to use Brian's bots, then click the following link: Newbot 
If you would like to use William's bots, then click the following link: Newbot2
Unfortunatley there are some bot sites that are a con, so make sure that you're careful...!

IMPORTANT NOTICE 2: Here are the reminders on what you need to be careful and responsible of when using the Bot power: (the ones highlighted in red are the most important, the green isn't)

  • This power is in beta
  • This power IS NOT A BOT, it is the ability to add a bot to a chat
  • xat could withdraw the power and refund the purchase price without warning
  • Note this is an experimental power and could be withdrawn. It does not imply that bots are approved for use with xat chat. If you have this power you can use a bot on your group but if the bot breaks the xat terms your group could be deleted and you will lose the power. If you use a 3rd party bot you have to give the bot id password to the 3rd party BUT you do not have to give them access to the bot email (you should never share an email account). Bots cannot trade so the powers / days that the bot has are safe.
  • After this power is released this will be the only acceptable way to connect a bot to xat
  • If your bot is abusive the server could be blocked from accessing xat
  • Bots must adhere to the xat terms
  • Bots must use a registered ID
What do you think of the Bot power? Are you going to create a Bot for your chat? Let me know, and maybe I can see it sometime, haha! (:

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  1. i found arcbots.com newbot doesnt work anymoar


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