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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

New power 205 wont be group!

Spell said in xat help that all group powers are even numbers. I checked this info in this link and it's true, so now we know new power won't be group.

An image of the new power:


What do you think: The power will be limited or not? When do you think it will release? Leave a comment with your opinion!


Christina wants GKALIENS Released... Time to be prepared?

This afternoon Christina came onto Trade and when she saw the huge price that GKALIENS had risen up to, she decided that it was time for it to re-release...

CREDIT: Credit to Teek for these images.

If you checked our previous post, you would've seen someone buying GKALIENS for 5000 xats! This power has not been released since June 2010 and is very rare.

Update: GKALIENS has now gone up to 5500 - 6000 xats.


I highly doubt it, but perhaps if Christina talks to 42 he may release some in future... this is a possibility as she had the idea of Black Friday 2011 with everything releasing at once!

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know! 

New Author!

Hey everyone,

I'm very pleased to say that we have a new Author who'll be helping me and others out on the blog!

His name is Alejo Mendez, he goes on Trade and he has alot of experience about xat and Blogger itself, so be sure to leave a comment below congratulating him!

Mini Black Friday: x30 GOLD Release at DISCOUNT PRICE! (Today ONLY!)

Around the same time that Treefx, Claus and Lang released, GOLD was also re-released, but this time was completely DIFFERENT.

Why? Well, this is because 42 decreased the normal price by 10,000 xats!
Gold has been re-released costing 50,000 xats. Make sure you buy yours now before it runs out of stock!

Don't believe me that GOLD had a huge discount? Check this out, because I doubt you'll see it anytime soon!

Despite the huge decrease, the price is still around 53.000 xats on Trade, so hope you managed to buy yourself yours!

Note: Sold out at 4.03pm.


'Black Saturday' - x500 LANG , TREEFX , CLAUS Released! (CONSTANT UPDATES!)

Who said that Black Friday was finished?! Ehh?! Haha, I'm just kidding!

It's another weekend, which means we're guaranteed to have another release of TREEFX and CLAUS , and that's what happened!

At **4pm GMT+0** both powers got released at the same time!

x500 TREEFX and CLAUS released starting at the price of 1000 xats. N.B. Price will DROP!  

But that wasn't the only powers that got re-released, LANG also got returned to the stores literally a minute later than Treefx and Claus;

x500 LANG released costing 2000 xats

TREEFX Update: Power falling down by 23 xats every 10 minutes! When it's a time such as 6.45, 6.55, etc is the time when the power drops.

Here it is dropping lots;

Update 2: **SOLD OUT!** The final price was 511 xats and it had sold out at **7.45pm GMT**.

Final Update: The price on Trade has risen only very slightly and is now currently 530 - 560 xats. Hope you got yours!


CLAUS Update: The price drops slightly lower than TREEFX does, but at around the same time. 

This power has slightly less demand than TREEFX, as it was not as expensive.

Update 2: **SOLD OUT!** The final price was 400 xats and it had been sold out at around **8.30pm GMT**.

Final Update: Unlike TREEFX, the price on Trade has dropped down to around 360 - 400 xats. Hope you managed to buy one!


LANG Update: Unlike TREEFX and CLAUS , this power has had hardly any demand with people selling lower than the store price on Trade!

It's currently 1750 - 1950 xats on Trade.

Update 2: One day later, just like with other powers, it's still in the stores, and remember only 500 were released!


I'm pretty sure that it'll be out of stock by the end of today, but obviously demand has completley vanished from this power!


So , there you go! That's all the powers that were released yesterday, and sure it was kinda a mini Black Friday if you think about it!

Which powers did you buy if any? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know! :) 

Black Friday 2012 FINISHED... Trade 1 Day LATER!

So, yesterday was Black Friday and the tradition finally finished at **3.30am GMT** this morning, where you can see all the releases on the main post!

Now, we also knew that powers didn't drop. Well, they rose some more! I went on Trade for some of the day and spotted the powers that had gone up.

The following powers that have gone up are shown below;

GKALIENS is now over 5.000 xats because it has not been re-released yet since May 2009 and literally nobody is selling!

DROP has risen rapidly from 800 - 1000 xats where its now almost 2000 xats. The demand has gotten higher;

Despite it being released once again , ANGEL has increased in price and is almost 9000 xats. Here was a user paying 8900;

Meanwhile, PURPLE has risen back to 24000 - 24500 xats and NAMECOLOR is back to the usual 9950 - 9975 xats.

BOOT is 8000 - 8500 xats , and CLEAR is slowly going up.
What powers did you buy during Black Friday, or what powers are you going to buy now? Be sure to leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts, along with updates every couple of hours for the next 2-3 days!

Hat Codes for Power 205

Note: If you get Power 205 you will be able to use ALL the pawns below;

Requires 205 power
  • Snowman (hat#hs)
  • Xtree (hat#ht)
  • Cracker (hat#hr)
  • Gift (hat#hg)
  • Santa (hat#hn)
  • Bauble (hat#hb)
  • Sock (hat#hk)
  • Snowball (hat#ha)
  • Champagne (hat#hm)
  • 2013 (hat#h3)
  • Lights (hat#hi)
  • Snow (hat#hw) 


Snowy Pawns BACK!

Good news, everyone!

42 has bought back the snowy pawns!


I'm glad the snowy pawns are back! :D

Xat_Test going CRAZY for 42!

Due to Black Friday 2012 going on all day and yesterday , you would have expected many users to go swamping for 42 and beg him for power releases, right? Well, he's done just that!

4 tabs were created because of this drama, and while he was there SIX was released.
(Check Black Friday post for details!)

Users were getting very excited and taking screenshots. I did, eventually, manage to get into the main tab;

He currently has NOPM and NOPC activated, so you won't be able to ask him any questions.

Update: 42 has now left .


BLACK FRIDAY 2012: ALL the Powers , ALL the Prices , ALL The Updates!

Black Friday 2012 has occurred, so make sure you've gotten your xats and fingers ready for another dramatic day in the power stores!
Hey guys!

Many of you yesterday spotted the banners saying 'Are you ready?' going around xat, right? Well ...

The rumours that have been going on around xat and this blog have been CONFIRMED! Black Friday 2012 is currently happening as we speak!

However , this year has FAILED and I will tell you the following reasons below ;
First of all , there was NO INFORMATION IT HAD STARTED from 42 that was posted on @twitter which means nobody suspected a thing.

Secondly , 42 has been releasing every power in small chunks , which means many users are at a disadvantage and will have to keep refreshing the powers page. Many users have been tricked and had an image in their mind that huge chunks would release all at once.

Below are ALL the powers that have released, the quantity, the store price and the aftermath price are all posted. (NO IMAGES FOR MOST THESE POWERS, BUT MAY BE EDITED!)


Release 1: 

2 ANGEL released at 4300 xats.
Release 2:
3 NEWYEAR released at 120 xats

Release 3:
8 SNOWMAN released at 70 xats

Release 4:
5 CHRISTMAS released at 750 xats

Release 5:
50 CLEAR released at 1.750 xats

Release 6:
10 DIAMOND released at 350 xats

Release 7:
3 HERO released at 200 xats

Release 8:
22 KDUCK released at 185 xats

Release 9:
11 WHIRLFX released at 275 xats

Release 10:
11 CANDY released at 190 xats

Release 11:
33 ANGRY released at 1.250 xats

Release 12:
15 FLOWER released at 340 xats

Release 13:
5 HEART released at 325 xats

Release 14:
40 ANGEL released at 4300 xats

Release 15:
22 SINS released at 210 xats

Release 16:
8 WILDWEST released at 320 xats

Release 17:
25 BOOT released for 4502 xats and 615 days (TOTAL OF 12,000 XATS)

Release 18:
10 FRUIT released at 250 xats

Release 19:
10 CHRISTMAS released at 750 xats

Release 20:
10 SCIFI released at 365 xats

Release 21:
33 VORTEXFX released at 260 xats

Release 22:
10 ALIEN released at **4.40pm GMT** costing 150 xats each!

Release 23
5 UNWELL released costing 130 xats at **5.20pm GMT**.

Release 24:
10 SIX released costing 1000 xats at around **6.20pm GMT**    

Release 25:
5 UGLY released at 180 xats

Release 26:
22 MILITARY released at 250 xats

Release 27:
11 KBEE released at 139 xats

Release 28:
4 SNOWMAN released at 70 xats

Release 29:
50 FADE released at N/A

Release 30:
10 SHOCKER released at N/A

Release 31:
11 ADVENTURE released at N/A

Release 32:
70 CHRISTMAS released at 750 xats

40 SNOWY released at 250 xats 

3.30pm - BLACK FRIDAY FINISHED!                  

Sadly nothing went according to plan. All the users on xat_test , Contests and Help are saying how this years Black Friday has 'failed' and is the worst one yet.

It's also gone wrong because shockingly enough, PURPLE and NAMECOLOR have risen very high, when it's supposed to be going down!

PURPLE - 23000 - 23500 xats
NAMECOLOR - 9800 - 9950 xats

Here is my view on this year's Black Friday, with my experience and knowledge;

"BLACK FRIDAY 2012 in total has FAILED! The prices are extremely cheap in stores and profitable, but the BOOT power was a scam, selling in xats and days to make it seem cheap, when in fact it sold out at 12k!

It's mainly failed though for two reasons. The first one is because there are very very small quantities being released, so hardly any users are able to buy the power in store, the ratio of buying one is a 1/1000 chance, depending on the release. When HERO was released, the chance of getting it was literally 1/9000 as there are thousands of users on xat who had enough to buy it.

The second reason it's failed is because all the other powers on Trade are supposed to be down, especially the Epic Powers. Last year GOLD was 45k, but this years it was still profitable at 52k! 

Yesterday the Epic powers dropped alot like before, but today on the actual day when they found out how it would be released, it's risen back up almost to its original price again! Ridiculous!

If I was 42 and I was asked how I would make BLACK FRIDAY 2012 a success , I would release around 200 instead of 10 of each power at the same cheap prices being released currently, and announce it on Twitter, which may I remind you again, they did NOT do this year! Although the countdown for each power is good and it appears automatically, you have to type your password in already.
TIP: When you're waiting to buy a power and you only have 10 seconds, type your password in and then buy a power (DON'T CLICK!) This way it stores your password so then when the power actually does arrive, you don't have to waste your time typing your password and then missing the release.

Also, press CTRL + F correspondingly and type in the power you are waiting to buy. Then, when it comes, you can click 'next' and it will go straight to it, so you don't have to spend your time looking for the power! Here is proof to show you it works!

That concludes my thoughts on the positives and negatives about this years shopping spree. I hope you gain benefits from this, and hopefully you can keep this in frame and mind for future months/years!"   
So, that's everything you need to know about Black Friday 2012. What are your thoughts on this year's celebration? I think I probably know the answer, haha! Anyhows, I've already given my thoughts above, why not give yours?

Be sure to leave a comment below, and hope you get the best deals! (Don't forget to tell me what you bought)

Note: Any questions or comments about the Tradition or what's been going on around xat, be sure to leave a comment below @this post and I will try get back to you as soon as possible!

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