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'Black Saturday' - x500 LANG , TREEFX , CLAUS Released! (CONSTANT UPDATES!)

Who said that Black Friday was finished?! Ehh?! Haha, I'm just kidding!

It's another weekend, which means we're guaranteed to have another release of TREEFX and CLAUS , and that's what happened!

At **4pm GMT+0** both powers got released at the same time!

x500 TREEFX and CLAUS released starting at the price of 1000 xats. N.B. Price will DROP!  

But that wasn't the only powers that got re-released, LANG also got returned to the stores literally a minute later than Treefx and Claus;

x500 LANG released costing 2000 xats

TREEFX Update: Power falling down by 23 xats every 10 minutes! When it's a time such as 6.45, 6.55, etc is the time when the power drops.

Here it is dropping lots;

Update 2: **SOLD OUT!** The final price was 511 xats and it had sold out at **7.45pm GMT**.

Final Update: The price on Trade has risen only very slightly and is now currently 530 - 560 xats. Hope you got yours!


CLAUS Update: The price drops slightly lower than TREEFX does, but at around the same time. 

This power has slightly less demand than TREEFX, as it was not as expensive.

Update 2: **SOLD OUT!** The final price was 400 xats and it had been sold out at around **8.30pm GMT**.

Final Update: Unlike TREEFX, the price on Trade has dropped down to around 360 - 400 xats. Hope you managed to buy one!


LANG Update: Unlike TREEFX and CLAUS , this power has had hardly any demand with people selling lower than the store price on Trade!

It's currently 1750 - 1950 xats on Trade.

Update 2: One day later, just like with other powers, it's still in the stores, and remember only 500 were released!


I'm pretty sure that it'll be out of stock by the end of today, but obviously demand has completley vanished from this power!


So , there you go! That's all the powers that were released yesterday, and sure it was kinda a mini Black Friday if you think about it!

Which powers did you buy if any? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know! :) 

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