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CONFIRMED: Power 206 is 'LANG!'.

It's a pretty strange name, but at least 42 hasn't given us 3 Christmas powers in a row! 

Why have I said that? Well, that's because ID. 206 has been confirmed and it's known as LANG.

So, where shall we begin? Let's start off with the smiley for the power! Here was someone on xat_test posting it on the chat below;

Here was another user with it in their powers list;

Seems like a pretty cool smiley, doesn't it? But what about the function? Well, that will be revealed below!

Customise the languages on your chatroom! You can change a variety of things (images shown below). However , if you use Inappropriate language then that breaks xats Terms and Conditons and you will lose the power with no refund. (Although when BOOT occured nothing happened. NO GARANTEES!)

Here are a few examples below:

'Pressies' was also put down instead of 'Gifts'.

Here is another example. When I went on Help the Moderators on the chat were called 'Helpers'.

You can also change the 'Get a chat box' button you usually see.

Here's one final example...

Hopefully now you hopefully have a pretty good idea about the power. This power is also a GROUP POWER so you can assign it onto your group! It's also been published on the Power Wikipedia page!

What are your thoughts on this power? I think it's a great idea, but will obviously leave to some use of abuse. Full details and thoughts will be posted on the weekend on a different post , so stay tuned for that!

Make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts on the power below this post! 


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