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x500 TREEFX Powers at Store!

Merry early Christmas , everyone!

At **12.10pm+0 GMT** , 42 released our newest power TREEFX (Power 203) , into the stores!

Read our Guide to find out more ...


x500 released costing 300 xats each! LIMITED!

If you've also looked carefully at the post, you will notice that there will be one more bunch of x500 TREEFX powers this week !

After that, every Saturday there will be a release of x1000 TREEFX powers up until Christmas Day . This means there should be a grand total  of x8000 TREEFX powers.

During the release, people were buying the power for 350 xats although it took around 10 minutes until it went out of stock.

After the release, the price has risen to 500 - 650 xats with people trying to sell for 1,000. It's expected to go up quite high as there will only be 1000 in total by the end of the week. However, just make sure you play your cards right!

If you missed the release, don't panic, as there will be one more release of 500 coming your way! If you're unfortunate enough, you'll just have to wait until next week. Bad luck guys!

Did you buy yourself a TREEFX power? 42 has sure gotten into the spirit early this year! Let's just hope the snowy pawns come back for another year running!

Make sure to leave a comment below! :) 

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