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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

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When I say this is important, it's not that important, unless you're a regular reader for this blog, which I do hope you guys are :-)
So anyway, starting Thursday 30th October 2014 I will not be active on this Blog as I am currently really busy with real life things.
In conclusion, THIS BLOG WILL NOT BE UPDATED FOR 3 WEEKS. Here are the key things that this Blog will miss ...

- Xat Halloween 2014, (most likely the release of the HALLOWEEN power and possibly a Halloween themed special ID Auction.

- Further updates on power prices for Black Friday 2014, which takes place November 28th 2014.
Do not worry I should be active on the official day to update the Blog.

- 2 new powers being released to xat. (not including MANAGE, this weeks power)
The dates I will be not active on the Blog is from 30th October - 17th November, where I will try and update the blog regularly from then.
I have other authors assigned to this role, however they are busy as well so there are no garauntees that this blog will be updated in time. I apologise for any inconveniences this may have caused.
- Aisha

Monday 17th November 2014.
Hello guys, I once again apologise for the inconveniences that I've caused on the Blog lately, I am back but I cannot rule out this happening again over the next couple of months.

I can confirm to you that I will be blogging for Black Friday 2014, however after that I can not tell what is going to happen.

Here are the things which I've missed, this is a summary...

  • The new power, 'MANAGE'. This is an unlimited power which allows you to manage user ranks on your chat before / after reset.

NEW Power 310, 'MANAGE'.


Today, the new test power 310 was released to certain users, and it was confirmed to be called 'MANAGE'.

Here was Maverick with the new power:


Most likely the power not limited, it allows you to manage users on your chat. It is also a group power. When you assign it onto your chat, you will be able to save and restore the rank positions of all the users in your chat.

When the chat gets reset, you will receive an e-mail showing which users had which respective rank. (Source: xatalert.com)

What do you think of this new power? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 
- Aisha

NEW Power: 'CREEPY' (ID 309)


On Thursday Volunteers and other xat users received the new test power, known as '309'. Today it was confirmed to be another Halloween themed power: Creepy.

There is a Banner going around xat advertising the new power, check it out!


And that's right, just as the banner suggests, this power will be LIMITED, so hopefully you guys can make some profit!

30x30 Smileys of this power, as well as the release and further updates will be posted here throughout the weekend, so remember to keep checking our Blog!
- Aisha

Xat TRICKORTREAT Power Release!


Over the weekend, xat releases its newest power into the market, 'TRICKORTREAT' to celebrate this years Halloween.

This is a smiley power, and it is a LIMITED power.

250 released every hour costing 230 xats each.

It seemed to be releasing for around 24 hours, meaning around 6000 were released in total.

The price is now currently 200 - 250 xats on TRADE.

So, what do you think of this new power? Will you be buying it? Leave a comment to let me know!
- Aisha  

New Power 308, 'TRICKORTREAT'

Hey Hey Hey people! Been awhile since I posted, right? Well anyways, we gave just been notified that the power 308 will be TRICKORTREAT and will be released during the weekend, which is now. More information will be brought to you as we get it.

Stats: Power 308. LIMITED.

This is how Power 308 will look on when you click your Powers:

UPDATE 1: If you were trying to buy Trickortreat, there ahd to be some sort of a glitch happening in the process. Almost everyone had different times, and when the time was up and it said ''IN STORES NOW!'' you could not buy it. Also, the max is 4.

New Power 307, 'JUMP'


On Thursday Volunteers and other xat users were given the new power, which is currently known as ID 307.


There is currently no more new information about this power, but keep checking for more updates!

2.30pm BST - The new power is 'JUMP'. It is most likely a smiley power.

3.20pm BST - The main smiley for the new power has been confirmed and released. There is also a Banner showing the full list of smileys. The power is most likely NOT LIMITED.

This power is now officially NOT LIMITED costing 220 xats in the xat powers store. The price on TRADE is between 200 - 215 xats.

- Aisha

Power 306, 'KSUN' Release!


At around **9.30am BST** , the new power 'KSUN' was released in the stores!


2000 released costing 240 xats. LIMITED!

Apologies: I apologise for the size of the images, these were taken from a mobile device.

Just like KMOON, this power doesn't seem to have that much demand. However, the price is still profitable as it currently goes for between 250 - 300 xats.

For the smileys, please check our previous post.

So, what are your thoughts on the new power? Do you like it? Let us know!
- Aisha 

NEW Power 306, 'KSUN'.


On Thursday users received the new power, known as 306.

Update: At around **6.00pm BST** on Friday evening, the new power was confirmed as 'KSUN'.

Update 2: (8.30pm) CONFIRMED!
This will be a limited power, and the smileys have now been announced with a banner. Here they are:


In all due respects, although the power hasn't been released yet, I can tell this power will sadly fail, following last weeks release of the 'KMOON' Power!

So, what do you think about this power? The smileys will be posted sometime on the weekend, as well as release updates, so stay tuned!
- Aisha

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