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Forget Cycle... 'SUPERCYCLE' Power Release!


This week users received the new test power 328 , which turned out to be called 'SUPERCYCLE'.

At around **10.00am GMT** SUPERCYCLE had been released in the stores as a test power, as it's currently not finished yet:


This power costs 500 xats in the stores, just like the original power, 'CYCLE' did.

Here is something we will be introducing and showing coverage of - What people on xat's official Twitter think of this new power.

Here are the best / current tweets:


As you can see here in these 2 screenshots the power is still in testing:


The price on TRADE is currently 500 - 600 xats , but does not have much demand.

So, what does this power actually do

This power works just like CYCLE , but you are able to choose the colours customly. You can also change the direction of the colours. In the screenshot below is where you can choose and preview your smiley which can be found on xat's Power Wiki page, then choosing SUPERCYCLE.

NOTE: In order to use this new power, you must also buy Cycle. It costs 500 xats in stores as well or 330 - 370 xats on TRADE.

What do you think of this new power? I think it's a great idea and there can be lots of new ways to create your smileys!

- Aisha

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