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Xat Power Minor Update


Today it seems xat has added a controversial new update to viewing your Powers: The beloved Angel and Purple now no longer is what it was as Admins have prevented all the Animations when checking your powers.

Here is what I mean: (I currently do not have a .swf file to show you the differences)

- This will reduce the lag indefinitely as there were too many Animations.
- There are currently 328 powers, and the way things are going, there looks to be a lot more! This way it makes it easier to scroll down to check the powers.

- Powers such as EVERYPOWER , PURPLE and ANGEL will have less meaning, as they were the most popular powers for having the BEST Animations.
- It looks too bland / dull, it doesn't feel the same when you're checking someones powers anymore.

As I'd like to know your opinions, and I haven't published one for a few months, 
I will be uploading a Poll to let you decide on whether you agree or disagree with this new update. 

This won't be the only time we'll be covering this topic, there will be plenty of debates on this Blog, as well as other upcoming updates and events we'll be introducing to the Blog to make it even more Popular!

- Aisha  

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