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Power 247 'WEATHER', Release Info!

Hi everyone!

Following our last post we had assumed that Tom2 had a backup power to release for us this week, and we were correct!

Just like with the KFOX power, there was a different power (the test power released this week) to be here:

Currently from **7.00pm BST** there has been a total of around 1500 - 2500 released , but we are not completley sure. COST: 250 xats

Whilst the time for the FIRST RELEASE is TBC, the price after the release increased to 300 - 400 xats, so you should've been able to make a bit of profit.




Hey fellow xat users!

Last night we discovered the newest power known as 247 being tested, with the price ranging from 1,800 - 2,200 xats.

UPDATE: Why did I strike out what was said above? Because this is Power 246 and it will probably be released NEXT WEEK which means there must be a Backup power for THIS week!

Here's 246:


THIS Afternoon I went on xat_test2 to discover that TOM2 was there, usually him being there means that a Gameban is being tested

There isn't much evidence to show right now, other than this:

As you can see, the same number is there before his name, most likely the coding for the APP.

UPDATE 2: People have rumoured this power to be called 'ZINGRACE'. Why? Because the Game Bot is called 'ZINGBOT', hence possibly hinting the name for this new power:


If we get more info, we'll post it, so keep checking by our Blog!
- Aisha

'FRUITIES' - 1st Release.

Hey everyone.

At **3.15pm BST** the newest power that many were wanting to buy finally got released in the stores!

Users on XAT_TEST were counting down the release:


550 released costing 200 xats each. LIMITED!

The power literally sold out in under 10 seconds, as this was also very similar to the 'FRUIT' power, the demand was sure to be quite big ...

... and indeed it was, with the price straight away increasing to become 450 - 500 xats. 

Here are a few screenshots:

The next release will occur in a few hours time, so be sure to check the Banners to keep yourself updated!

UPDATE: The Banner glitch is still occuring, with a '63' power being spotted. What is this...?

Keep checking this Blog for the BEST updates!
- Aisha

Power 245 = 'FRUTIES'.

On Thursday the newest power had been given to VOLUNTEERS, which was also known as ID 245 at the time:

The price of the power was between 1,800 - 2,300 xats with quite a few users selling the power.


On Saturday morning we woke up to find out that the newest power was going to be called 'FRUITIES'.

Yes, I have seen a few give negative comments about this power, such as xat running out of ideas and this IS similar to the Fruit power, just with faces.

So, what are the smileys? They are -

(fruities) (frapple) (frbanana) (frgrapes) (frkiwi) (frlemon) (frmelon) (frorange) (frpear) (frpineapple) (frstrawberry)  
This is a LIMITED power and it will be released at **3.15pm BST** . While we do know when the power will release, we are currently unaware of what the cost will be, or how many will be released.

Many users thought it had ALREADY been released :

MEANWHILE, there have been many glitches occuring throughout the day with different powers appearing on the Chat banners , of course these powers aren't releasing. 

I've taken screenshots to show you only some of the powers appearing:

We are not currently sure on when this glitch will be fixed, but we can assure that TOM2 is probably on it right as we speak.

There is going to be a Banner with the countdown soon, though, as you can see in this image below:

This post will be updated with the newest smilies and pawns in a couple of days time. There will be a seperate post for when the power is released.

So, what are YOUR opinions on this new power? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are!
- Aisha

Power 244 = (KICKALL) and POLL RESULTS!

Woo, it's that time again!

This afternoon at around 4pm BST TOM2 was spotted on xat_test with the new upcoming power, also known as 244.

Here's an image:

Whilst I was on the chat, I managed to get some people's opinion on what they think the new power could be ...

Here's a few:

So, there you go. 3 people asked including a Volunteer

Now, I'd like to know what YOU think! Make sure you leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!
It was posted on @xatalert that the new upcoming power was going to be called 'KICKALL'. This allows you to kick all guests that are in the chatroom.

After a couple of days of voting for what you thought of the new power, 'STICKY' the results are shown below:

The results were pretty close, but it seems that the majority of users liked the new power!
- Aisha :-)

x10 GOLD Release

At the same time as STICKY , 42 decided to release some more GOLD powers into the store, probably because he is now aware the power is profitable again:

10 were released for 50,000 xats each at **9.40pm BST**.

The price had originally dropped to 52.000 - 52.300 because all the users who had bought from store were selling, but now it has risen back to 52,300 - 52,500 xats.

I hope you managed to buy one from store! :-)
- Aisha

Power 243 'STICKY' Release

Okay, I know I was a couple of days late for the post, but that was because I wanted to grab ALL the information at once, and now I pretty much have!

At **9.40pm BST** 42 decided to release some STICKY powers into the stores:

1500 released costing 250 xats each.

In my opinion, I didn't really like the power very much, and it didn't look like it was going to be very profitable, especially since once again users don't know whether it is LIMITED or UNLIMITED.

The release was quite slow, but after rose to 280 - 320 xats.




Hi everyone,

This post is to inform that I have recently just signed up an amazing new Author, his name is KYLE.

He was a perm mod on Help and is a good friend of mine, and I have known him for a long time. He is friendly, trusted, and has a good knowledge on trivia and xat.

I hope you will enjoy his posts, as we continue to build on our success ... :-)

Power 243 = 'STICKY'.

That's right, at **5.35pm BST** Mihay was seen with the new power also known as ID 243 , which should be confirmed either tomorrow or on Saturday.

Here is an image:

Mihay is the only volunteer to receive this power, due to him being the official creator of the smiley for the new power. He is currently testing the new smiley:

We currently don't have any other info about this, such as the price, or when it's going to be released due to it being the very early stages.

We are not 100% sure what the functions of this power exactly are, but it's most likely going to be a SMILEY POWER . Here were the clues we found while Mihay was testing:

UPDATE: Mihay testing out the smilies for the new power:


And could THIS be one of the new pawns for the power?

Here is more evidence to show that this is the upcoming power:

He was the one that designed the power!


Remember to keep checking our Blog for further updates, as we'll be the one that posts ALL the info.

In the meantime, make sure you leave a comment letting me know what you think ID 243 could be ...

What do you think of the new 'STICKY' power? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!
- Aisha :-) 

x10 GOLD Release

How many months has it been since GOLD had been released in the stores? Probably around 2 months or so ...

Why so? Because the price had become 50,300 xats and nobody was willing to buy, so obviously if more were to release it would've gone BELOW store price. 

Until a few weeks ago nobody wanted to buy the power, but then it kept on increasing and now it is currently 52,300 - 52,600 xats.

At **4.20pm BST** TOM2 as well as 40 users were on xat_test and out of the blue Rays had suggested GOLD should be released with me and a few users agreeing with him:

This got him to ask the price of it:

This got everyone on the Chat splurting out the price as well as trying to convince it was about to increase higher:

And then he released ...

10 released costing 50,000 xats

Watch the gossip as users buy through the store, NO DETAILS MISSED:

The price on TRADE is still pretty much the same because hardly any were released, but a few users now sell for 52,500 xats.

Did you manage to buy yourself a GOLD power? Many people were only aware on xat_test, so bad luck if you missed out!
- Aisha :-)



NOTE: This power has already been released . Keep checking this post for further updates.

First we had WEDDING. Last week we had MARRIAGE. NOW we've got 'ROMANCE' as our newest power ... like a few users have suggested, maybe 42 is starting to fall in love! :-)

To be honest, when I first heard what the new power was going to be, I was furious and said to myself I doubt I will buy it, but once I saw the smiley this morning I changed my mind about it. ALL the smileys looked nice, and looked profitable, so why not?

This is a SMILEY POWER , and there was a BANNER with all the smileys at around **12pm BST** on SATURDAY:

At **3.00pm BST** TOM2 released ROMANCE after many users waiting over 24 hours for the release to occur:

1000 released costing 299 xats . LIMITED POWER!

That's right, unlike MARRIAGE this power is limited as well as being confirmed on the WIKI page as well as the BANNERS given to us. Sweet, huh?

There is currently no countdown for the power, and the release sold out fast. Here were many users confirming the price on TRADE when I asked for the Store Price as I was out at the time of the release:

And confirmation that it is a LIMITED power:

- The price has risen and it's already increased to 400 - 500 xats , so you've already managed to make some form of profit!

Screenshots: (Lots of them!)

UPDATE: Were you thinking that the price would start dropping like usual? WRONG!

The price has now INCREASED more to become 500 - 600 xats.

Meanwhile , on xat_test TOM2 questioned KYLE on how he managed to buy 12 Romance powers, unaware that he paid 450-500 each for them on TRADE:

Looks like he's only slow on how the Business works with powers on xat:

Could THIS next Screenshot give out a hint that Tom2 is going to bring out the second release soon...?

Users were trying to tell him how fast the power had increased in price, thinking it was going to keep on rapidly increasing, (like with TREEFX):

Everyone wants the power to release, and is it really such a surprise when it's currently profitable...?


UPDATE 2: The price has increased even more on the main tab now. It is now currently between 600 - 650 xats.

UPDATE 3: There was a post on @xatalert TWITTER stating that the power was Sold out. Users were given the wrong impression about this as it was done 1 hour ago. It most likely means that they missed the release so couldn't post it in time, but people think no more will release:


SECOND RELEASE: Occured at **7.34pm BST** with many users on TRADE pointing this out:

THIRD RELEASE: There is now a BANNER Counting down the next release:




FINAL UPDATE: The price has settled and only a few users are buying this power, but it's still at the same cost of around 450-480 xats as the average.

FINALLY , would you like to know who it was that suggested the ROMANCE power...? Well, thank god you're reading this Blog, as we know!

It's Rays , who also got a FREE ROMANCE power by Nitro as well! Here's proof:

CREDIT: Special thanks goes to RAYS for allowing this image to be published on the Blog.

So, there you have it. This power is PROFITABLE and we all now know that it will be a LIMITED power which means users won't lose xats because of the staff's fault. 

Now, what do YOU think of the new power? I feel it's a good power because the smilies are good and there are a few that the users will use in their names and towards other people as a joke, such as (huba).

UPDATE: I hope you managed to find this Guide very helpful and detailed, and should be of good use when investing in this power!

Make sure to leave a comment to let me know!
- Aisha :-)

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