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x10 GOLD Release

How many months has it been since GOLD had been released in the stores? Probably around 2 months or so ...

Why so? Because the price had become 50,300 xats and nobody was willing to buy, so obviously if more were to release it would've gone BELOW store price. 

Until a few weeks ago nobody wanted to buy the power, but then it kept on increasing and now it is currently 52,300 - 52,600 xats.

At **4.20pm BST** TOM2 as well as 40 users were on xat_test and out of the blue Rays had suggested GOLD should be released with me and a few users agreeing with him:

This got him to ask the price of it:

This got everyone on the Chat splurting out the price as well as trying to convince it was about to increase higher:

And then he released ...

10 released costing 50,000 xats

Watch the gossip as users buy through the store, NO DETAILS MISSED:

The price on TRADE is still pretty much the same because hardly any were released, but a few users now sell for 52,500 xats.

Did you manage to buy yourself a GOLD power? Many people were only aware on xat_test, so bad luck if you missed out!
- Aisha :-)

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