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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

Away power Released!

Xat released the number 144 power, called Away!

This power costs 100 xats in the store, and is an unlimited power.

This power lets you have your pawn set as 'Away' , like shown in the picture that's shown above highlighted with a red box.

Haha, you see? We manage to get the power description correct before xat even release or tell us what the power does! Told you this blog is one of the best ones to find your updated info! (:

Has the Away pawn been helpful for you? Will people now stop kicking you because you weren't active, and they don't know you've been doing something important, like your homework? Please do let me know!

Xat Power 144 is Away Power!

We can now confirm that the new power xat is going to release on Friday will be number 144 called the Away power!

I found this out because the person who I'm married to on xat, (Becky) won a test power from someone called Brians contest! She told me all about it:

My reaction was quite strange, as I was pretty surprised to see she had a test power, as she was not a tester, haha. (: Note: The power with the red box around it is what the new power is going to look like!

Here is what we can gather from the new power...
  • The power is going to make a release in stores this Friday
  • It will be an unlimited power!
  • The power will not be sold for less than 2500 xats, and buyers will not buy less than 1000! 
We can not confirm what the power does, but here is a rough idea on what me and a few people think:

"If you have not been active for more than 10 minutes, the pawn will automatically activate. OR, if you activate it and type a certain code to have it as your pawn, people will know that you're busy!"

What do you think? Let me know!

Xat Power 144?

A friend told me a few days ago that 42 was working on a new power that involves Gag.

Apparently, he was on xat test and he kept gagging his other account! What will the name of the power be, and what exactly will it do? We'll keep you updated as soon as possible!

Peace 6th Release

Sadly, I wasn't able to be on when it happened, therefore I have no picture.

A friend told me today that power 145 called Peace, released last night. 1000 more released at 200 xats each, 1 per user every 3 minutes! No quiz required.

The Peace power is still currently limited. It now costs 200 - 230 xats on Trade, therefore it is no longer a good power to profit from. The power is most likely going to be unlimited this week, but we can't be certain.

NOTE: I apologise for the false information that xat weren't going to release anymore Peace Powers, I was not entierly sure. I can now not say whether or not the Peace power will keep releasing. I can say that there are around 8000 Peace powers at the moment!

More updates will be posted every time we gather some new information on Peace, so keep checking our blog! 

Peace Power Updates

Hey guys!

Xat's Power No. 145 called the Peace power has been releasing in our stores at random hours for 200 xats each! We have finally gathered all the information about the power and what xat are planning.  
NOTE: This is the only blog where you can get all the information, so read HERE!

Peace power's releases.
  • The power released between every 2-4 hours for 200 xats each.
  • Peace is now currently limited
  • Xat have mainly released 1,000 Peace powers, but at one point they released 500.
  • No quiz was required to buy the Peace power. 1 Peace power to be bought by each user every 3 minutes!
  • The power started its release on Friday evening at 8pm GBT time! 
Peace power's prices.
  • When the power first released, only 1000 as the quantity, therefore it was exremely rare. The price next day rose to an amazing 800 - 900 xats!
  • After the second release, the price dropped but then rose to 450 - 500 xats.
  • The third release was similar to the other, it was 450 - 500, but had dropped to 350 - 400 xats.
  • The fourth release dropped Peace to 300 - 350 xats.
  • After the fifth release, Peace dropped to 220 - 280 xats. The price dropped rapidly, every time they released a batch of Peace.
The situation with Peace
Around 5000 - 7000 Peace powers have been released and are on xat at the moment. The power released on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The price dropped rapidly and is now under 250 xats! The demand is low. However, the power is still limited and the power is still quite profitable. Users were able to profit between 1000 - 3000 xats after the first release, but now are lucky with a 400 xat profit.

We are not sure whether xat will make the Peace power unlimited! However, if they do, It's most likely going to be on Friday 30th September at 8pm GBT time.

Xat have not updated anything on their twitter since they released 1,000 peace powers. Instead it says, '1,000 Peace powers have released. NOT LIMITED! More will be sold.'
They never included how many would release, and when It'll stop. No Peace powers have released today, (Monday) so maybe xat have stopped the releases? Here are some more important pointers to know!

Pointer 1: There are around 5000 - 7000 Peace powers currently on xat. The price is now 225 - 275 xats!
Pointer 2: There is a 20% chance that xat are going to keep the Peace power limited!
Pointer 3: It's most likely xat are going to stop the releases, as powers usually release on the weekends.

What do you think of the Peace power? If you have it already, how are you enjoyed the limited time pawns? Let me know by commenting on this post!

Also, if you haven't already, make sure you take our weekly poll about the Peace Power. It's asking if you've profited from the power yet! Poll closes next week! Good luck (:

Did you know...?
For those who only joined xat in 2011, xat used to release 1000 of a power every 1-2 hours! Powers were: Shocker, Angry, Adventure, Hero, Military, Summer, Independence, Blastde, Gkaliens, Ugly, etc. 

Name: Scifi
Quantity: 20000
Price: 700 - 800 
           Highest Price it ever reached: 1000 - 1200

Scifi is a unique power. They released about 6000 - 8000 Scifis on one Sturday. The price was 300 in store, and was 550 - 600 on Trade. When they stopped releasing, the price went to 600 - 700 xats! Xat released the Scifi power every saturday, because the demand was so high! The power was released every Saturday and possibly Sunday for about a month! The price in the store eventually rose to 500 xats, however the power is still great to profit!    

Peace 5th Release!

Peace has released for the 5th time, under an hour ago! (2.30pm GBT time)

1000 more Peace powers released for 200 xats each, 1 per user every 3 minutes. Sadly we don't have a picture for this release.

The price is now 250 - 300. The price has dropped even more! Does this mean the demand will be so low nobody will care when its unlimited?!

Note: There are currently between 8,000 - 9,000 Peace powers on xat possibly. We will keep posting every time a set of Peace powers release. For the meantime however, make sure you check our blog every few hours or so, you may get something new!

Peace 4th Release!

Power 145's Peace released in the stores at 8pm GBT time yesterday, for what I was there for.

Around 800-1000 more of this power released for the usual price of 200 xats each! The price 12 hours later is at 300 - 350 xats. See how the price is dropping the more the power releases?

NOTE: The power is currently still limited. Whenever the power releases we'll inform you with a blog post, including how many released and what the price is on Trade currently. Also, we're not sure how many Peace powers and when xat are going to release, but we can estimate that around 6,000 Peace powers are currently on xat, and more are yet to come.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: We can now safely confirm that the Peace power releases every 2-4 hours, as it has done that so far. We can't say It'll happen every time, but expect something like this to happen!

How much have you profited so far from the Peace power? Let me know!
Also, make sure you take our poll while Peace is still coming to our stores!

Peace 3rd Release!

The currently limited power Peace has released into the stores under an hour ago (4.30pm GBT time) costing 200 xats each.

This time, only 500 Peace powers were released. 1 Peace power per user, no quiz required. The price is now 400 - 500 xats. Here is what a friend told me after the release:

Could this mean that the power is going to become unlimited soon?
The power has been causing a huge demand / population on Trade, making about 1000 profit for a user average every time the Peace power releases. Users may profit up to 6000 xats if this keeps up!

Just like the other 2 releases, we'll keep you updated every time Peace release, and how many! If xat update anything on their twitter, look at 'Xat Updates' on the right side. Also, keep checking our blog for latest posts, as we now update 100% fast with more information than any other xat site!


Peace 2nd Release!

The Peace power made a second release half an hour ago!

1,000 more of this power released at 200 xats each, 1 per user. No quiz required!

The price dropped from 700 - 900 xats to 300 - 400 xats! We'll have more updates on further releases and prices soon!

Note: We are not sure when they are going to release more Peace powers. It took 13 hours until xat released the power for the second time. However, we don't know whether xat are going to keep their promise that the power is limited. Right now, there are only 2,000 Peace powers on xat.

Peace Power released!

The Power 145, known as the Peace power, released last night at around 8pm GBT time.

1000 Peace powers were released at 200 xats each. This power is suppoed to be unlimited, but is now currently limited. Xat are supposed to be releasing more Peace powers at some point, but we're not sure when!

The Peace power comes with seasonal Peace themed smileys. Here are the smileys in order from left to right...
(peace) (dove) (dove2) (dove3) (hglass) (phair1) (phair2) (phair3) (rbe) (reggae)

Also, for a limited amount of time, the power also comes along with seasonal pawns. They are:

rainbow (hat#hr),  
peace (hat#hp) ,
wings (hat#hd),
heart (hat#hh),
teddybear (hat#hc),
rose (hat#hf).
Note: In order to have these pawns available you must have both, the Peace and Hat power...

What do you think of the power? It's extremely rare at the moment! Let me know (:

Angel, Fade and Clear prices updates...

2 nights ago, xat celebrated their 5th Birthday by releasing 3 of the most popular and rarest powers on the site: Clear Fade and Angel

Usually, when xat do things like this, the whole of Trade goes bezerk! Purple was dropped to 24500 xats, while Namecolor at 9500 and Boot at 9700!

Fade was 1800 in store, Angel 4000 and Clear 2500. Here are the prices now so you don't get muddled up with the price!

Fade 3000 - 3200 
Angel 9300 - 9650
Clear 4000 - 4200

These prices have stayed like that for at least almost 2 days now. Keep checking our official Fair Trading guide to keep up with the latest prices!

Do you like it that xat keep releasing the same rare powers, or should they try something different? Why do you think xat are doing this all the time? I already know the answer, but I'm hoping you'll come up with something the same, or even better and different! 

A repeat of Black Friday?

Hey guys.

A good friend of mine told me something really interesting... that Black Friday was going to happen again this year! He asked 42 and he said 'probably'. Whether or not this is true we will surely find out soon. Here's a picture to prove he wasn't lying!

Black Friday was a huge success for profiters on Trade last year, as the Rare powers Christmas, Clear, Fade, Angel and Diamond were released for extremely cheap prices!

1,000 Clear powers were released in the stores at a staggering 2,000 each! Users were able to buy 1 Clear power every 3 minutes. Clear released at 8pm UK time.

1,000 Diamond powers were released in the stores at 2,000 xats each. Users were able to buy 1 Diamond power every 3 minutes. Diamond released at 4pm UK time.

1,000 Fade powers were released at 2,000 xats each. Users were able to buy 1 Fade power every 3 minutes. Fade released at 6pm UK time.

1,000 Angel powers were released at 2,000 xats each. Users were able to buy 1 Angel power every 3 minutes. Angel released at 10pm UK time.

And finally, 1,000 Christmas powers were released at 1,000 xats each. Users were able to buy 1 Christmas power every 3 minutes. We're not exactly sure what time Christmas released... sorry.

These prices dropped rapidly, as you can see from the following.
                            Was                            Became               Dropped to
Clear        5800 - 6000               4000 - 4500         3800 - 4000 xats
Christmas  2000 - 2300               1500 - 1700         1000 - 1200 xats
Angel         8500 - 8800              7000 - 7500          6500 - 7000 xats
Diamond    3800 - 4000              3000 - 3500          2800 - 2950 xats
Fade           4800 - 5000              3700 - 4000         2900 - 3000 xats
It took these powers months until they finally rose. Now, there's been rumours on what powers may be releasing. Here's what I think and may possibly be.

 What do you think? Comment your opinions below!


Clear, Angel and Fade released!

To mark the 14th Anniversary since xat was created, 42 released 3 of the biggest rares.

The first one was Fade, which released at 5pm UK time. 750 Fades were released, starting at 5,000 xats, and dropping quickly. NOTE: The price stopped at 1800 xats!

3 hours later at 8pm GBT time, xat re-released the Clear power. 1,000 of these powers were released, starting at 5000 xats, and dropping quickly. NOTE: The price stopped at 2500 xats!

Finally, 5 hours later, xat released the amazing and most expensive Rare power, the Angel power. 1,000 Angels released, starting at 15,000 xats, and dropping rapidly! NOTE: The price stopped at 4100 xats!

(Credit for the pictures)

Here are the prices of the powers now on Trade!
                                          WAS                        NOW                                 STORE PRICE

Angel                    11000 - 11500           9000 - 9700 xats                 4100 xats
Fade                     3600 - 3750                2950 - 3150 xats                 1800 xats
Clear                     4900 - 5000                3950 - 4150 xats                 2500 xats

How much were you able to profit from these powers? Missed out like I did? Also feel free to post a comment!


Punch Power Released!

Xat's Power number #143 called Punch has been released for 300 xats and it is an unlimited power!

The power had been released less than half an hour ago. For the first time ever, xat have made it that you need to complete the quiz in order to purchase the power. This has never happened with an unlimited power before. Other powers where you needed to complete the quiz were the limited powers: Nerd School and Matchban
Because of this, people were buying the power for 350 - 400 xats. Because the demand at first is always so high, more people try to buy the power in store to attempt a 'profit'. Now, because more people have bought, the power has dropped to 300 - 350 xats, but is still profitable, at least for the day.

Now, most people are annoyed and may still be struggling with the quiz. Here's what you need to know.

1) The quiz consists of 42 questions.
2) All the questions are to do about 'Scamming'. Almost all of the questions are the same as with the School power except of 3!

Now finally, we will explain to you what the Punch power does. It's a power that lets you have Punch themed smileys.
Note: The smileys are listed in order from left to right...
(punch) (pconfused) (pcrying) (pcute) (pdead) (pfury) (pgiggle) (pglare) (pjump) (punched) (pshades) (pshy) (psleepy) (pthink) (pmanic)

What do you think of the power? Is it worth the smileys and the xats? Comment your opinions!


Punch Is Xat's Next Power!

The new power is going to be Power 143, called Punch!

We managed to have a picture of someone who has the power (volunteer) here:

We're not sure if this power is going to be limited or not, but here are my opinions and views.
"The Punch power will probably have some similar smileys as the Angry power, that got released in 2010 for 300 xats. It will be a LIMITED power, and it will be released between 24-48 hours, maybe even more. It will be at 200 xats each, and in order to complete it you need to complete a quiz."

"I think the Punch power is going to be unlimited. It may have something to do with the Moderatord on a chat, but it will still most likely just come with Smileys. It will be 200-300 xats in store, maybe even 150!"

The power is probably going to be released either today or tomorrow. Nobody knows the price or how it's being released yet, but as always, we'll keep you posted and updated when the power is released, with all the Information that you need!

Keep checking our site and chat for more updates! Also, if you would like to share your views on the power, feel free to post a comment!

Silentm Power Released!

A few minutes ago, the power called Silentm became released into the stores!

This power is unlimited and is a Group power. The cost for this power is 20 days (260 xats)
Silentm lets Owners ONLY! make people Member without it saying 'I have made Aisha a member'. However, other ranks can use it if Gcontrol is set for that.

Only an hour ago or less, people were buying the power for 2,000 - 3,000 xats. Pity... but this power is a power like Blastban, Blastpro, Blastde and Blastkick. However, you don't need to buy more than 1.

What do you think of this power? Is it helpful? Especially for promotion? Tell us what you think!

Silentm Power Update!

Hey guys!

We've just gathered a bit more information about the Silentm power.

There is now a picture for the power! Here it is when someone has it in their powers.

We are not sure what this power does yet, or if It's limited or not, as xat have not added anything on their twitter, but It's most likely going to be released today (saturday).

Will this power be a limited power version of Mute? Comment what you think!

NOTE: People buy this power between 2,000 - 3,000 xats, and some sell for 3,500 - 4,000 xats! If you are clever enough, you know you wouldn't buy this power...

Silentm is next power!

Hey guys!

3 posts in one day?! Haha! Just catching up, that's all! (:

I've just discovered that the new power that's coming to xat is the power 142 called Silentm! I managed to take a screenshot of the volunteer that's selling the power! (There's no picture for the power yet)

We are not sure whether this power will be limited or not, but the name kind of gives away what it does... but still, tell me what you think the power will be, and the description! Whoever gets it right will win 50 xats! Note: Remember to include your xat name and ID. Contest ends when the power is released (1 week)


Look at this!

Hey guys!

Do you know how people always have 1,000 of a power? Well, I have a picture of a few with 1,000 or more of that power. Do you find it silly? Let me explain why they do it!

People usually try to raise a specified power that they would like to be up by buying at least 500. This is to make the other users on the chatroom know the power is 'up' like they want them to. Some can even make it past 1,000, as they are so rich. The power eventually raises by 200-300 xats, depending on the user. Here are some examples...
Unknown has over 1,300 Shocker. He originally started buying when it was at 450 - 500 xats. (Shocker was a bad power in 2010) He then bought to make it 500 - 550. Eventually, he made it 700 - 750 xats for a few weeks. Someone then sold 200 and dropped it to 600 - 650, and now it is back to 700 - 800 xats. A raise of 300 xats for him.

Ary has now 1,146 Easter and is still buying more. Easter was a bad power, and nobody was interested in it. Ary started buying when the price was 300 - 330 xats. It then became 500 - 550 xats. One day, it became over 1k! Then yes, dropped back to 450 - 550 xats. Now people are raising more (Luis has 265) and the price is 650 - 800 xats. A raise of 400 xats for them.

Veso had recently started buying the Nerd power about a fortnight ago. Nerd was 200 - 220 xats at the time, but he started buying to make it 215 - 235 xats. (Nerd was 250 - 270 but dropped). He then started buying incredibly high and the price now reached 275 - 315 xats. He has 1,100 of the power. Here's a picture...

So what do you think? Is it worth it or smart for people to be doing this? This is just another fun random thing I want you to tell me. (: Best answer gets 50 xats. Remember to include your ID.
Note; The 50 xats prize task ends at the end of the month, however all comments will still be allowed. You must be able to play xat to participate, and the comments must be as detailed as possible. (30th September 2011 expiry date)

School Power Limited!

Hey guys,

I apologise for the very late post, I have and now am pretty busy in life, so will be late with future posts!

The School Power, which was a Limited power released in stores for 48 hours, had 14,500 of the power sold out! The power was 200 xats each, and to purchase one, you must first complete the quiz.

When school first released, it was 350 - 400 xats for about an hour, and gradually dropped. After the first hour, 1,000 School powers were bought.

Once the power became limited, everyone sold and it sadly became 200 xats. It then dropped even more and now the price is at 165 - 185 xats on Trade.

This power may raise someday, as powers like Stoneage once became 200 - 220 xats, even if It's for a small period of time!

School Power Released!

Hey xat lovers!

Yesterday, Power 141 was released into our stores at 6pm GBT time and is going to be unlimited in the stores for 48 hours!

 Note: Even though the power had just been released, not many were bought for between 15 minutes to an hour! People were buying the price at 250 xats the lowest, and it reached between 350-400 xats! Gradually overtime, more got bought, and the demand is now less, so the price is 200 - 220 (original price)

The power is called School, and it will be a limited power. The price of the power is at 200 xats each. In order to purchase the power however, you need to complete the quiz first. The quiz is once again about scamming (third time now), and like with the Matchban quiz, we'll give you all the answers!

- The quiz this time is much harder than it was last time. Most questions are the same, but some can catch you out quite easily!
- There are 39 questions in total. If you get one wrong, you need to restart the quiz all over again. Otherwise, you won't have the power...
- Once you complete the quiz, you are able to purchase a School power. For each School power you buy from the store, you need to answer all the questions correctly in the quiz.
- You need to select your language before you start the quiz. Only if you're NOT english

Here is the link to the quiz: http://util.xat.com/quiz/?r=1&idx='Your ID Here'

NOTE: We will only show you the questions in the quiz that were DIFFERENT from last time. For the other questions, check the Matchban Released post!

Yesterday me and a few friends had a problem when buying the power. We had completed the quiz and got all the answers correctly, however we were still not able to buy the power. The cause was the Internet Browser we were using. Here are the following that works: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (must be newest edition) Google Chrome does not work, as it says you need to complete the quiz again, even when you have done it. If this does not affect you, then you do not need to read this! Hope it works for you! (:

None of the other options are very serious, and they are pretty dumb options. The second option would've been 'Your xat ID number and name', depending on who you're giving it to. The e-mail however, people can try and hack into and then change your xat pass or steal your account.

Look at the link of the page. You can tell It's a phish site, plus there's no such thing as getting free xats, days or powers.

Just by your e-mail adress, there are many ways that people can try and access into it, even if they don't know your pass! It's less likely to happen if you just type in your username...
You can see that there is a red box where the other user has put in their offer. This means that they have changed the offer while you were typing in your password. ALWAYS CHECK BEFORE YOU CONFIRM! There is usually a red box when you click 'Accept trade' but before you click 'Confirm trade'. Also, the offer was supposed to be 2,000 days (26,000 xats), but they put the days in the xats column, so they were trying to buy Purple for 2,000 xats, when it is actually worth 24850 xats!

Always remember...
There are lots of ways and attempts that scammers can use to try and scam you and get a good deal. This is one of the most obvious ones. If someone hardly has any powers and looks like a noob (new person), then you can tell that It's a scma, but don't 100% assume it, as some people don't scam, just sold their stuff. If you would like to know more scams, check our 'How to avoid being scammed' page for more info.

Anyone, even your bestest friends, can betray you at some point, especially if they ask something personal like that. Never give your e-mail pass to anyone unless they are of course, someone incredibly trustworthy, like a member in your family. People online you should not risk something like that with.

They may say that they need your xat account to give you the powers. (Option 4). They may also be able to get access into your e-mail if they are clever enough and steal everything from there, (Option 1). The point of the scam is to take all your powers, days, and xats or whatever you have precious to you on your xat account, (Option 3). Therefore, the answer to the quesiton is obviously (Option 2)

 NOTE: There are only few people who come on xat and are actually Admins, but just to make sure, put your mouse on the pawn of the person you are checking is a staff admin or not, and it will say (NOT xat staff!)


A few friends of mine asked me for the answer to this question, as it was pretty complicated, and even though I know the answer, I have to admit, It's the hardest question out of the bunch. .jpg, .gif and .png are all used for pictures. .gif are used for Animated pictures usually, and the others are so they can be accessable to Tinypic, YouTube backgrounds, etc. The other option does not exist, therefore if you accept the file that the user has given you, It's most likely going to be a trojan, virus, keylogger, etc and you and your computer will be at risk.

Congratulations, you have completed the quiz! Hopefully, this has helped you a bit more on how to avoid scammers!

Like the Nerd power, the School power comes with school themed smiles. Here are the smilies in order from left to right! (school) (backpack) (daycare) (gts) (punished) (rubber) (schoolgirl) (sbell) (studying) (tabsc) (teacher2) (writing) 
  •  Check out our contest page for a mini task for you to complete! 
What do you think of the quiz's that xat are doing? Are they helpful, or are they just over-doing it a bit too much? What do you think of the School power and smileys? Comment your opinions below, and don't forget to answer our poll!

New power coming soon... School!

Hey guys!

Good news for profiters, an hour ago, we just gathered information that the new power coming to the stores soon, is the limtied power, School!

Here is a picture of what the power looks like:

Testing for this power has just started! It is now being bought / sold between the price of 2000 - 3000 xats on Trade. Xat are still making the smileys for this power, but we have managed to find out a smiley from this power. This smiley is called (daycare)

Things we are not sure about yet...
  • The price of the power is unknown.
  • How many or when the power is going to be released has not been told yet.
  • We don't know what the rest of the smileys for this power are. If we find out, we will keep you updated!
  • This power is most likely not going to be a Group power, but even then we can't be certain.
So what do you think of the power? Are you going to buy yourself one to get you ready for the School year? Comment what you think below!

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