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Peace 4th Release!

Power 145's Peace released in the stores at 8pm GBT time yesterday, for what I was there for.

Around 800-1000 more of this power released for the usual price of 200 xats each! The price 12 hours later is at 300 - 350 xats. See how the price is dropping the more the power releases?

NOTE: The power is currently still limited. Whenever the power releases we'll inform you with a blog post, including how many released and what the price is on Trade currently. Also, we're not sure how many Peace powers and when xat are going to release, but we can estimate that around 6,000 Peace powers are currently on xat, and more are yet to come.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: We can now safely confirm that the Peace power releases every 2-4 hours, as it has done that so far. We can't say It'll happen every time, but expect something like this to happen!

How much have you profited so far from the Peace power? Let me know!
Also, make sure you take our poll while Peace is still coming to our stores!

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