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School Power Limited!

Hey guys,

I apologise for the very late post, I have and now am pretty busy in life, so will be late with future posts!

The School Power, which was a Limited power released in stores for 48 hours, had 14,500 of the power sold out! The power was 200 xats each, and to purchase one, you must first complete the quiz.

When school first released, it was 350 - 400 xats for about an hour, and gradually dropped. After the first hour, 1,000 School powers were bought.

Once the power became limited, everyone sold and it sadly became 200 xats. It then dropped even more and now the price is at 165 - 185 xats on Trade.

This power may raise someday, as powers like Stoneage once became 200 - 220 xats, even if It's for a small period of time!

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