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Peace Power Updates

Hey guys!

Xat's Power No. 145 called the Peace power has been releasing in our stores at random hours for 200 xats each! We have finally gathered all the information about the power and what xat are planning.  
NOTE: This is the only blog where you can get all the information, so read HERE!

Peace power's releases.
  • The power released between every 2-4 hours for 200 xats each.
  • Peace is now currently limited
  • Xat have mainly released 1,000 Peace powers, but at one point they released 500.
  • No quiz was required to buy the Peace power. 1 Peace power to be bought by each user every 3 minutes!
  • The power started its release on Friday evening at 8pm GBT time! 
Peace power's prices.
  • When the power first released, only 1000 as the quantity, therefore it was exremely rare. The price next day rose to an amazing 800 - 900 xats!
  • After the second release, the price dropped but then rose to 450 - 500 xats.
  • The third release was similar to the other, it was 450 - 500, but had dropped to 350 - 400 xats.
  • The fourth release dropped Peace to 300 - 350 xats.
  • After the fifth release, Peace dropped to 220 - 280 xats. The price dropped rapidly, every time they released a batch of Peace.
The situation with Peace
Around 5000 - 7000 Peace powers have been released and are on xat at the moment. The power released on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The price dropped rapidly and is now under 250 xats! The demand is low. However, the power is still limited and the power is still quite profitable. Users were able to profit between 1000 - 3000 xats after the first release, but now are lucky with a 400 xat profit.

We are not sure whether xat will make the Peace power unlimited! However, if they do, It's most likely going to be on Friday 30th September at 8pm GBT time.

Xat have not updated anything on their twitter since they released 1,000 peace powers. Instead it says, '1,000 Peace powers have released. NOT LIMITED! More will be sold.'
They never included how many would release, and when It'll stop. No Peace powers have released today, (Monday) so maybe xat have stopped the releases? Here are some more important pointers to know!

Pointer 1: There are around 5000 - 7000 Peace powers currently on xat. The price is now 225 - 275 xats!
Pointer 2: There is a 20% chance that xat are going to keep the Peace power limited!
Pointer 3: It's most likely xat are going to stop the releases, as powers usually release on the weekends.

What do you think of the Peace power? If you have it already, how are you enjoyed the limited time pawns? Let me know by commenting on this post!

Also, if you haven't already, make sure you take our weekly poll about the Peace Power. It's asking if you've profited from the power yet! Poll closes next week! Good luck (:

Did you know...?
For those who only joined xat in 2011, xat used to release 1000 of a power every 1-2 hours! Powers were: Shocker, Angry, Adventure, Hero, Military, Summer, Independence, Blastde, Gkaliens, Ugly, etc. 

Name: Scifi
Quantity: 20000
Price: 700 - 800 
           Highest Price it ever reached: 1000 - 1200

Scifi is a unique power. They released about 6000 - 8000 Scifis on one Sturday. The price was 300 in store, and was 550 - 600 on Trade. When they stopped releasing, the price went to 600 - 700 xats! Xat released the Scifi power every saturday, because the demand was so high! The power was released every Saturday and possibly Sunday for about a month! The price in the store eventually rose to 500 xats, however the power is still great to profit!    

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