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A repeat of Black Friday?

Hey guys.

A good friend of mine told me something really interesting... that Black Friday was going to happen again this year! He asked 42 and he said 'probably'. Whether or not this is true we will surely find out soon. Here's a picture to prove he wasn't lying!

Black Friday was a huge success for profiters on Trade last year, as the Rare powers Christmas, Clear, Fade, Angel and Diamond were released for extremely cheap prices!

1,000 Clear powers were released in the stores at a staggering 2,000 each! Users were able to buy 1 Clear power every 3 minutes. Clear released at 8pm UK time.

1,000 Diamond powers were released in the stores at 2,000 xats each. Users were able to buy 1 Diamond power every 3 minutes. Diamond released at 4pm UK time.

1,000 Fade powers were released at 2,000 xats each. Users were able to buy 1 Fade power every 3 minutes. Fade released at 6pm UK time.

1,000 Angel powers were released at 2,000 xats each. Users were able to buy 1 Angel power every 3 minutes. Angel released at 10pm UK time.

And finally, 1,000 Christmas powers were released at 1,000 xats each. Users were able to buy 1 Christmas power every 3 minutes. We're not exactly sure what time Christmas released... sorry.

These prices dropped rapidly, as you can see from the following.
                            Was                            Became               Dropped to
Clear        5800 - 6000               4000 - 4500         3800 - 4000 xats
Christmas  2000 - 2300               1500 - 1700         1000 - 1200 xats
Angel         8500 - 8800              7000 - 7500          6500 - 7000 xats
Diamond    3800 - 4000              3000 - 3500          2800 - 2950 xats
Fade           4800 - 5000              3700 - 4000         2900 - 3000 xats
It took these powers months until they finally rose. Now, there's been rumours on what powers may be releasing. Here's what I think and may possibly be.

 What do you think? Comment your opinions below!


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