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Clear, Angel and Fade released!

To mark the 14th Anniversary since xat was created, 42 released 3 of the biggest rares.

The first one was Fade, which released at 5pm UK time. 750 Fades were released, starting at 5,000 xats, and dropping quickly. NOTE: The price stopped at 1800 xats!

3 hours later at 8pm GBT time, xat re-released the Clear power. 1,000 of these powers were released, starting at 5000 xats, and dropping quickly. NOTE: The price stopped at 2500 xats!

Finally, 5 hours later, xat released the amazing and most expensive Rare power, the Angel power. 1,000 Angels released, starting at 15,000 xats, and dropping rapidly! NOTE: The price stopped at 4100 xats!

(Credit for the pictures)

Here are the prices of the powers now on Trade!
                                          WAS                        NOW                                 STORE PRICE

Angel                    11000 - 11500           9000 - 9700 xats                 4100 xats
Fade                     3600 - 3750                2950 - 3150 xats                 1800 xats
Clear                     4900 - 5000                3950 - 4150 xats                 2500 xats

How much were you able to profit from these powers? Missed out like I did? Also feel free to post a comment!


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