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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

Power 173 CONFIRMED!

Hello guys!

Could these rumours on xat about Power #173 possibly be true? Take a look at this image and have a guess what the new power will be...!

Yes, It's true! Power 173 has been Confirmed as Ksheep! Baa...!

Here is the evidence I managed to find to show that Ksheep will be coming into the xat stores, soon...!


Aisha's Predictions:

This will be a limited power, and they will release a whole bunch of it at once! It will be just like any other k(animal) power, and give you sheep smileys to any smiley!

Have you had enough of these powers xat keep releasing? Or maybe they're all cute? Maybe they can profit? After all, Kduck went up from 200 to 400 - 500 xats!  

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts! 


Official Opening of GameBanRequests' Chat!

A few days ago, you may have been aware that I had set and opened up a new chat, called SiteWorld, a chat originally designed for bloggers to advertise their blog and set up a new road for it. 

However, I have decided to close the chat today, because yesterday, I made a new chat. This is called GameBanRequests.

This afternoon, I was checking out the names. There were chats called SnakeBanRequest, SpaceBanRequest, MatchbanRequest, MazebanRequest and CodebanRequest, for when each of the powers were first released. Most of these chats were very popular for the few days.

Therefore, I thought, why not mix them all into one? I see alot of users asking to be game-banned for fun on the Contests chat, so yeah...

How will it work?
I will buy all of the Game Ban powers on Trade in a few days time, and should have them before Good Friday, (hopefully) and then I will get some staff.

Orgal, Becky and Nikki will be the Main Owners, and Carbon will maybe be an owner. Jona will be a Moderator. 

What are the rules?
There will be chat rules, like normal. However, there will also be something called 'Gamebanning rules'. These rules will take into action when you are wanting to be banned throughout a game. These rules will also apply when a Gameban contest is being held.

What else will go on in the chat?
I , along with other users in the near futures, will hold various Contests that may include Game-Banning. ALL of the contests will be held on this chat. (ones hosted by me, anyway...)

We hope to bring alot of users in for the Summer-Term! Radio, a Playlist, chat rules and an inner & outer background have already been added.

Do you think this is a good idea? Leave a comment and let me know!      

Power 173 Currently In Testing...!

Woo! I'm on Easter Holidays! (:

Anyway, I was on the Help chat, when I saw an Owner with the new power that's currently in the works...

We don't know anything about this power, such as the name, its function, and whether it's going to be limited or not. 

We'll let you know on any updates...!

Gold Release

Hey guys!

I'm sorry that I missed the release, and no image, but that's not going to change, is it?!

Anyways, it was confirmed on Trade that around 5pm GMT Time, xat had re-released some Gold powers...!

50 released costing 50,000 xats each. The price before the release was around 54,000 - 54,500 xats. It's strange, because yesterday Christina said she would only ask 42 to release Gold powers if it reached the cost of 56,000+. Oh well...

The price now is 51,000 - 52,500 xats. Not much difference, eh? 

Anyways, did you manage to get one? Leave a comment and let me know!

TYPING Power Has Been Released!

Hey guys!

Xat have managed to release the new power Typing! (172)

It was released at 11.30-12pm GMT Time. Here are the basic information to know about the Typing power...!

Name: Typing
Release Date: Sunday 25th March 2012 @11.30am GMT Time
Cost: 100 xats
Function: Lets other users see when you are typing. It will have a little pencil on your pawn automatically when you are sending a message, like shown in the image below...

What do you think of this new power/function? I think that it looks really cool! Shame that it can't be free, but it is only 100 xats though! Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! (:

Bubbles Pawns Back?

The Sea power was released last year costing 300 xats when it was supposed to be limited for a month, (reached 400-420 xats) and for that time it came with this cool pawn! 


Could it be true that these pawns could make another appearence? That would be seriously cool! 

What do you think? Will they come back, and have you already had these pawns before? Let me know your thoughts!

Power 172 Currently In Testing! (Confirmed as TYPING) *UPDATED*

Hey guys!

I went on xat this afternoon, and I had seen that the testing for the new power has now begun!

As you can see above, xat had last night confirmed that power 172 will be known as Typing!

Have you seen anybody with Power 172? If so, leave a comment and let me know who it was, and where it happened! 

**NOTE** We will post further processes and updated information below, so make sure you keep in track with this post! 

Update 1

The new power 'Typing' now has a smiley! Check it out!

It is a pencil that is writing next to your pawn...!

Update 2

Apparently the function of this power is there will be a little pencil writing on your pawn to show when you are currently typing, such as the following shown below...

Update 3

**NOTICE** There is currently a glitch with the new power. It is not a bad glitch, unless you bought it yesterday. Everybody is able to use the power, with a few users assuming that it's a free power!

Here is the evidence we gathered as it to being a glitch...

** IMPORTANT NOTICE** The new power only works at the Official Xat chats Trade and Xat_Test. Before you try it, you should know this. Nothing will happen to your xat account for using this glitch, so don't worry about being too protective.

^ **Glitch Update** On the Trade chat, the glitch only works on the Pool called 'Divine City', which is the main pool on Trade. I don't know why.

Last updated 6.16pm GMT Time@

This is all the information about Typing , and no more functions will be added to this power!

We are not sure when the power will release, but is sure to be later today. Also, we don't know whether or not the power will be limited or not. We will add a new post decribing the release tomorrow morning, so be sure to check it out!

I think that the Typing power seems really cool, just like (Away)! What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know your ideas! 

New AishaSites' Xat Wiki!

Hey guys!

Because the official Xat Wikipedia does not have specific information that many users know about, as well as xat blogs, I have decided to set up a new page on the blog called, 'Xat Wikipedia' where I will give detailed information about the powers and chats in general.

It will all be included in that 1 page, and should be done by the end of April. I promise that I will try and work as hard as I can to get it done before, but I am very busy in real, so I will see.

Leave a comment if you find this to be helpful!  

New Free Smilies!

Hey guys!

Xat decided to be more kind to us, and make 10 NEW free smileys for us to use...! Here are the following in order from left to right...


Sadly, there's always a catch... only Subscribers are able to use these smileys! If you are not a subscriber, it will only show the names for the smileys instead.

If you are new to xat, this is what a Subscriber is, and how to not get mixed up with somebody who is registered, then read this guide here!

Here is the difference from a Subscriber to a Registered:

  • Always have a Yellow star next to their name. If they are married or bff'd to anyone, they will always have a red cross or heart instead of the star.
    •  If the person has reghide, they will have a black cross / star / heart. Check their powers to see if they are a subscriber or not.
    • Subscribers usually have powers or just the Tickle power, (image shown on the left)

    •  They can also use special features such as sparkles on their images, etc. (xat effects)  
      How to become a Subscriber?
      You must buy xats / days on the official xat.com website. You can choose how many you would like to buy on the option page, or you can ask a friend for 1. One day costs 12-13 xats in general.

      •  Their powers will never be shown.
      • Some registered users have xats, but you never know because it doesn't show for other users how much xats they have.
      •  Black stars / cross / heart is the colour for a registered user.
      • A registered user does not have much priorities as a Subscriber. On some chats, (e.g. xatchats) they only member you if you are a registered user to xat.

      How to become a Registered?
      You must register as a user on the official xat.com website.

      What do you think of the smileys? If you are a new xat user, did you find this guide to be useful? Shall I do things like this more often? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Make sure you leave a comment and let me know!

      Irish and Kat Powers now LIMITED!

      Both, Kat and Irish are now limited!

      8000 Kat powers were released costing 300 xats each. The price was originally going to drop to 200 xats. The power was gone at around 11.30am GMT Time.
      Thanks for the information provided by Carbon recieved at 5pm GMT Time, apparently Kat had been withdrawn costing 200 xats each! There were around 3300 remaining! This means that there is only a small quantity of 4700 Kat powers roaming around xat.

      **Update 2**
      Earlier, the price of Kat was around 325 - 375 xats. Now, it is at the price of 285 - 315 xats on Trade! (5.07pm)
      1000 Irish powers were released to celebrate this year's St Patrick's Day. The price started at 800 xats, and xat announced that it would drop to 400 xats, BUT it sold out at 536 xats and it had been gone at 10.30am GMT Time.
      **Update 1**
      After the release of Irish, the price has now become the cost of 550 - 600 xats! Not many users are currently buying the power.

      Did you manage to get one? If not, good luck getting one at Trade!
      Happy Mother's Day 2012 (: 

      KAT Power Has Been Released! (CONSTANT UPDATES)

      At 12.50pm GMT Time xat had released power 171 also known as Kat into the stores...!

      8000 were released starting at the cost of 300 xats each. The price will drop until it stops at the final cost of 200 xats each!
       The cost of Kat drops very little, (around 2-3 xats every 10 minutes?) just like the unwell release in January 2011. This power looks similar to Ugly, in my opinion.

      Anyway, Kat is a kaoani power, and is a bit like gkkitty, but has a big of an 'attitude' which is how it has been described on xat's description page. We will post the smilies by tomorrow evening...!

      What do you think of the Kat power? Check below for any important notices and updates about the latest on Kat. 

      Did you get one for yourself? Leave a comment and let me know...!

      IRISH Powers In Stores Now! (CONSTANT UPDATES)

      Happy St. Patrick's Day 2012 to everybody...!

      Just like last year, xat returned the rare Irish power into the stores, which was originally out for 350 xats in 2010!

      1000 were released starting at the cost of 800 xats each. N.B. Price will drop!
      Xat have confirmed on their Twitter page that the Irish power will drop to the final cost of 400 xats. The cost before the release was around 650-750 xats on Trade!

      1 per user every 3-4 minutes! Get yours now at http://www.xat.com/powers

      Hope you managed to get one for yourself!

      **Update 1**
      Irish powers are assumed to be going down 2-3 xats every 10 minutes!   

      **Update 2**
      Irish powers are going out of stock quickly! 

      The price on Trade is currently around 530 - 550 xats, with a few people buying ALL for 540 xats each!

      **Final Update**
      SOLD OUT! Irish went out at 536 xats and sold out at 10.30am GMT Time!  

      New AishaSites Member Voting System!

      Hello guys!

      I am pleased to introduce the new way into becoming a Member to the official AishaSites chat, as well as signing up as an Author to the blog!

      Just like the Help chat did a few years ago, we have brung in the Member Voting System! This is easier than it is on Help to try work for, but it is still difficult. Here are some questions you may want answered...

      How does voting work?
      The system is pretty easy. Our experienced members of staff will look closely into your actions, and they may temp mod you to try you out, (owners only) and if you are excellent with your progress, you will receive that vote from the specific member of staff.

      Is it easy to get a vote?
      No. Even if it is simple and easy to get 1 vote, you still need 2 more votes, which are most likely not going to be as easy to get.

      What if that staff vote for me because I'm their friend?
      They will be either sinbinned / temporarily demoted, or that will just be accepted. However, you also need a vote from a Main, so if this happens, and you are irresponsible, then I will not vote you for a Member, and you will never get the rank.

      Who has to vote for me?
      It can be the following...
      1 Moderator
      1 Owner
      1 Main Owner
      2 Main Owners 
      1 Moderator
      3 Owners
      Take caution that none of the following options are easier from the others, but you may choose which ever one suits you best. If you choose the option because your friends are the staff, they will be a Member instead, and you must grab votes from other respective staff.

      How can I get myself into the voting system?
      All you have to have in your name is the following, either [0/3] [0/2] [0/4] so then I can also know what option you are going for. OR you can just leave a comment leaving your xat registered name and ID and I will friend you and discuss further terms there. 

      What can I benefit from being Member?
      • You will stand out in front of alot of users, as Member is now a hard and respective rank to recieve on the chat.
      • Members can earn temp Mod if they show they are mature and responsible. Member rank highly increases the chance of getting it. After few temps, you may be promoted to perm Moderator.
      • You can then participate in the voting system, once you are responsible enough.
      • There will be certain priorities that others won't have below your rank!            
      This is a more recommended way into becoming a Member, instead of just becoming an Author. Author members will not ever recieve perm Mod, unless they take some participation time into this new voting system.

      If you are ever interested, feel free to contact me in any way. This is an optional choice, but for those who want Member, you must now take the following path set out here...!


      Power 171 CONFIRMED As 'KAT'

      Hey guys!

      I went on the xat Help chat today to see if the new power was confirmed yet, and it has happened to be something called KAT. Take a look and see!

      It looks really scary...! What do you think? I think that this is going to be a limited power, and it looks similar to the Ugly power that came in October 2010!

      Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! 

      Power 171 Currently In Testing!

      Hey guys!

      Xat has released the new upcoming power that's currently in testing, see?!

      Nobody knows what it's going to be yet! Have you got any ideas? Leave a comment and let me know! Remember, there's no right or wrong answers.

      AishaSites' Poll Results!

      Hello everyone...!

      I've decided to make a new and different designed Poll every month...! This is to be creative, and to get more of your opinions, both, for fun and for a great laugh.

      The last one I did was in December 2011, but now I will do it more often. The last poll topic was, 'Who is the best member of staff here?' also known as the best staff on the AishaSites chat.

      1st place - Aisha (44%)
      2nd place - Base (24%)
      3rd place - Becky (13%)
      4th place - Other (11%)
      5th place - Nikki (5%)
      Last place - Meredith (3%)

      The poll reached a huge 38 votes! We hope to grab more votes in the future, but thank you to everybody who participated! Our next poll will be the following...

      'Which person would you most like to meet in real?' These are xat people (obviously not justin bieber, sorry girls!) and will finish on the 15th April 2012 11.59pm GMT Time

      The new poll is on the chat at the moment, so if you have any free time, please take your time on voting!     

      Xat Power Wiki Glitch

      As you know, this week we've had 2 xat problems encountered from login glitches.

      This was because of the database, and it is now being updated. It is still being worked on. One of the flaws on this is you can't access the xat power wiki page!

       ^^ The following error given from accessing the page...

      Therefore, I am afraid that I am unable to provide you with the new Monster power smileys! I'll publish them by Tuesday 13th!


      MONSTER (Power 170) Has Been Released!

      At 1pm GMT Time xat had confirmed power 170 to be Monster, and at 3pm GMT Time the power had been released into the xat stores...

      It has been released as not limited! It also costs 200 xats in the stores...!

      What do you think of this new power? Looks a bit like Six, doesn't it?! Leave a comment and let me know on your thoughts below...!

      Glitch being sorted...

      Good news guys!

      42 has arrived onto the help chat, (which now has a total of 3 tabs) and has sorted the problem. 

      You can now access the powers page and login onto your xat account once again. 

      NOTE: You must re-login to your xat account again in order to get your powers back, and to access complete Trades. Once done so, you should get all your lost things back.

      The issue was that there was a problem with the database, and 42 will still be investigating this further, as this has occured twice in the space of 3 days.

      I was not here on Wednesday when it first happened, and it was rumoured that the glitch had occured late last night!

      Also, the Movie power is still in the stores! At this time there are still 276 remaining, and I do not see many buyers try to get it on Trade! The cost is 250 xats in the stores!

      I hope you all managed to get your stuff back, and I also hope that you understand that these kind of things are not easy, and issues DO happen!   

      Xat Login Glitch!

      We thought it had all gone away yesterday, but it seems that the glitch has happened again...!

      I went on xat this afternoon, and tried to login, but it had blocked me out, saying this message instead:

      You are also not able to get on to the xat powers page! Before, if you had logged into xat, you would lose alot of your xats / days and powers! When you have to Trade, you need to login to xat before you can complete it, so therefore more people would lose their xats, as 300+ people hangout on Trade every DAY!

      The Help chat has got over 5 tabs, and for the first time in its history, it has gotten not only so more than 3 tabs, but it has overtaken Trade on the official popular list!

       I was on Glory Club, so that was a total of 5 tabs altogether...!

      Have you been one of the people who have experienced this glitch? If so, leave a comment below and I will try and help you out!

      Power 170 In Testing!

      Hey guys!

      I was on xat Trade, where I had finally saw someone with the new power that's currently in testing! (nobody on help or xat_test had it)

      What do you think this power is going to be? Leave a comment and let me know...!

      Updates: The Movie power is still out in the stores! Nobody is buying it on Trade or the store, and there is currently 402 remaining! It costs 250 xats each in stores.


      Funny Stuff...

      I was on a chat today, and I saw someone show another guy a 'doubling power' website. Take a look!

      In my opinion though, I think that it is pretty clever how these people do this in order to try and scam other people. Last year, this was a huge craze for scammers and 40% of people on xat fell for this trick!

      What do you think? I do not know how this was made, nor who was the one to make it. 

      Have you ever seen, or experienced something like this? Have you been scammed by one of these tricks? What did you do after? If you were scammed, what did you get scammed out of? Leave me a comment below, and let me know your experiences...!

      Things starting to Raise again!

      This time last year, Fade finally rose from 2900 xats to 3900-4100, and Clear was dropping to 3850 xats to raise to a huge 4950 - 5050 xats!

      Diamond had also eventually risen back to the price of 3200 - 3500 xats...! 


      Spaceban is starting to get very popular again, reaching the price of 950 - 1050 xats from 800 - 850. Manga also, as it was 900-950 xats, and now it is currently 1050 - 1150 xats...!

      Fairy keeps raising and dropping, but went up from 1800-1850 xats for buyers reaching 2000-2050 xats!

      Gag is having people buy between 950-1000 xats, whereas it was 900-920 xats before. Diamond was 1050-1100 xats at somepoint, and is now 1000-1050 xats again, but is attracting more buyers.

      Clear rose up the most, as it was from 2975-3000 xats, to now 3150-3250 xats!

      Finally, Fade has risen from 1300-1350 xats to now 1400-1500 xats! 

      BUY NOW 
      • If you are more patient and are confident that the power is going to raise in a few weeks/months time!
      • Want to gain some extra xats, (profit) 
      • Think that you want a pretty good deal, and sell it fast so you don't lose IF it does raise.

      MOVIE Powers Still In Stores! (1 DAY LATER)

      Hey guys! What a surprise this is...! (well, not really!)

      Around 30+ hours since it re-stocked, the Movie powers are still in stores, and only 1,000 have been bought since!

       2000 were originally released, costing 250 xats each. The price the day before the release rose pretty fast and became 400-420 xats!
       The price currently on Trade is around 200 - 220 xats! This is usually rare, and seems that the power will soon be forced to withdrawn, and will drop down in price! BUT what if the power then raises again, just like Kduck, as it rose to 350 - 400 xats afterwards? (as there were 3000 less)

      What do you think of the situation? Leave a comment and let me know! 


      Hey guys! I was on xat at 10.30am GMT Time and I saw that Movie was released into the stores, again...!

      2000 were released, costing 250 xats each. This power does not drop in price, and is a LIMITED power...!

      Here are the details we now know about the power:
      • There are currently between 5,000 - 6,000 at the moment, including the current release at the moment...!
      • After the first release, the price zoomed up to 600 xats, but had soon dropped to 400 - 420 xats. After the 2nd release, the price rose back to 400-420 xats!
      • Nobody is buying the power now, and for the previous release, the same results happened.
      • There are rumours that this scenario is going to be the same as the Kduck power, where it was 200 xats in stores, and had to be withdrawn, and it rose to 350-400 xats after...!  
      **NOTE** Below, you can keep in touch with ALL the latest and constant updates to the power...!

      Update 1: There are now currently 1784 remaining when last checked at 2.55pm! (2.56pm)
      Update 2: The current price to the movie power on Trade is between 240-250 xats! Manga is currently the most popular power, and went from 900 - 950 to 1100 - 1150 xats! (3.00pm)
      Update 3: Spaceban is currently 950 - 1025 xats, and Clear has been risen to 3050 - 3100 xats! Heart has been dropped to 975 - 1000 xats, and Gag is still 900 - 950! (3.41pm)  

      For information on the power smileys, check our first '2nd release' post!

      Did you manage to get yourself a Movie power this time? Did you make any profit from it on previous release? Or donated to a friend? Held a contest? Leave a comment and let me know what you did! 

      MOVIE 3rd Release...!

      Thanks to Carbon, he gave me all the information on Movie's 3rd release...!

      Apparently, 2000 were released at 11.30pm GMT Time and it cost 260 xats each! The price a few hours before the release was between 375 - 425 xats, and had been 270-280 xats in the store!
      At around 6AM GMT Time (Sunday) , there were only 800 remaining!

      Xat had to withdraw it when there were around 300 remaining at 9am GMT Time, and had re-stocked another 2000 costing 250 xats each, which is the release going on at the moment! (get all your info there).

      That means there are now currently 6700 in total on xat! (Including the 4th release). Thanks for all the useful information, Carbon!

      Did you manage to get yourself a Movie power? Leave a comment and let me know...!  

      MOVIE Power 2nd Release

      Hey guys!

      Thanks to Carbon, there was apparently another release to Movie

      Apparently, it was released at 8am GMT Time, and 2000 were released, costing 280 xats each...!

      The price now, (afternoon) is around 375 - 400 xats! There are now 3,000 in total.

      Movie comes along with 12 Cinema themed smilies! Here are the following in order, from left to right...
      (action) (admission) (booth) (cameraman) (director) (drink2) (film) (filmroll) (popcorn) (pose) (tickets)

      So, what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

      Aishasites' Official Chat!

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