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Glitch being sorted...

Good news guys!

42 has arrived onto the help chat, (which now has a total of 3 tabs) and has sorted the problem. 

You can now access the powers page and login onto your xat account once again. 

NOTE: You must re-login to your xat account again in order to get your powers back, and to access complete Trades. Once done so, you should get all your lost things back.

The issue was that there was a problem with the database, and 42 will still be investigating this further, as this has occured twice in the space of 3 days.

I was not here on Wednesday when it first happened, and it was rumoured that the glitch had occured late last night!

Also, the Movie power is still in the stores! At this time there are still 276 remaining, and I do not see many buyers try to get it on Trade! The cost is 250 xats in the stores!

I hope you all managed to get your stuff back, and I also hope that you understand that these kind of things are not easy, and issues DO happen!   

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