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KAT Power Has Been Released! (CONSTANT UPDATES)

At 12.50pm GMT Time xat had released power 171 also known as Kat into the stores...!

8000 were released starting at the cost of 300 xats each. The price will drop until it stops at the final cost of 200 xats each!
 The cost of Kat drops very little, (around 2-3 xats every 10 minutes?) just like the unwell release in January 2011. This power looks similar to Ugly, in my opinion.

Anyway, Kat is a kaoani power, and is a bit like gkkitty, but has a big of an 'attitude' which is how it has been described on xat's description page. We will post the smilies by tomorrow evening...!

What do you think of the Kat power? Check below for any important notices and updates about the latest on Kat. 

Did you get one for yourself? Leave a comment and let me know...!

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