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Happy St. Patrick's Day 2012 to everybody...!

Just like last year, xat returned the rare Irish power into the stores, which was originally out for 350 xats in 2010!

1000 were released starting at the cost of 800 xats each. N.B. Price will drop!
Xat have confirmed on their Twitter page that the Irish power will drop to the final cost of 400 xats. The cost before the release was around 650-750 xats on Trade!

1 per user every 3-4 minutes! Get yours now at http://www.xat.com/powers

Hope you managed to get one for yourself!

**Update 1**
Irish powers are assumed to be going down 2-3 xats every 10 minutes!   

**Update 2**
Irish powers are going out of stock quickly! 

The price on Trade is currently around 530 - 550 xats, with a few people buying ALL for 540 xats each!

**Final Update**
SOLD OUT! Irish went out at 536 xats and sold out at 10.30am GMT Time!  

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