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AishaSites' Poll Results!

Hello everyone...!

I've decided to make a new and different designed Poll every month...! This is to be creative, and to get more of your opinions, both, for fun and for a great laugh.

The last one I did was in December 2011, but now I will do it more often. The last poll topic was, 'Who is the best member of staff here?' also known as the best staff on the AishaSites chat.

1st place - Aisha (44%)
2nd place - Base (24%)
3rd place - Becky (13%)
4th place - Other (11%)
5th place - Nikki (5%)
Last place - Meredith (3%)

The poll reached a huge 38 votes! We hope to grab more votes in the future, but thank you to everybody who participated! Our next poll will be the following...

'Which person would you most like to meet in real?' These are xat people (obviously not justin bieber, sorry girls!) and will finish on the 15th April 2012 11.59pm GMT Time

The new poll is on the chat at the moment, so if you have any free time, please take your time on voting!     

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