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Official Opening of GameBanRequests' Chat!

A few days ago, you may have been aware that I had set and opened up a new chat, called SiteWorld, a chat originally designed for bloggers to advertise their blog and set up a new road for it. 

However, I have decided to close the chat today, because yesterday, I made a new chat. This is called GameBanRequests.

This afternoon, I was checking out the names. There were chats called SnakeBanRequest, SpaceBanRequest, MatchbanRequest, MazebanRequest and CodebanRequest, for when each of the powers were first released. Most of these chats were very popular for the few days.

Therefore, I thought, why not mix them all into one? I see alot of users asking to be game-banned for fun on the Contests chat, so yeah...

How will it work?
I will buy all of the Game Ban powers on Trade in a few days time, and should have them before Good Friday, (hopefully) and then I will get some staff.

Orgal, Becky and Nikki will be the Main Owners, and Carbon will maybe be an owner. Jona will be a Moderator. 

What are the rules?
There will be chat rules, like normal. However, there will also be something called 'Gamebanning rules'. These rules will take into action when you are wanting to be banned throughout a game. These rules will also apply when a Gameban contest is being held.

What else will go on in the chat?
I , along with other users in the near futures, will hold various Contests that may include Game-Banning. ALL of the contests will be held on this chat. (ones hosted by me, anyway...)

We hope to bring alot of users in for the Summer-Term! Radio, a Playlist, chat rules and an inner & outer background have already been added.

Do you think this is a good idea? Leave a comment and let me know!      

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  1. Great idea Aisha! I will definitely come to it :)


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