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New GameBanRequests' Background!

Hey guys...!

Today, I made a new background for the still newly chat, 'GameBanRequests'. (By the way, the chat has been a success so far, with 5-6 visitors every day, and it hasn't been promoted or advertised yet!)

Anyway, this new background was originally supposed to be designed to celebrate this year's Easter, but I may keep it for a much longer term.

I have uploaded it onto the blog to catch your views and comments...

NEW BACKGROUND (Uploaded and put onto the chat today)

**Note** - I have edited the image above a little bit and saved it for when Easter is obviously over. I just took out the 'Happy Easter 2012' bit, everything else is the same!


So which do you prefer? BOTH OF THESE BACKGROUNDS HAVE BEEN MADE BY ME, AND ONLY ME! so I can remake them again.

Leave a comment and let me know your preferances...!

1 comment:

  1. These backgrounds are really awesome Aisha! I don't really have a favourite I like both of them.

    I am also learning how to make chat backgrounds :)


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