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Hey guys,

I thought I should post the updates on the PulseFX power, as I have seen quite alot of users confused on the release and the costs.

Luckily, I managed to try get all of the current information and post it...


  • 2000 released have been released on xat at the moment. The cost was 300 xats each in the stores.
  • The first release was at 10.15am GMT and the second occured an hour later and came out at 11.15am GMT and took longer to go out of stock than the first one.    

  • When Pulsefx was in the store for the first time, alot of users tried to buy it on Trade for 350 - 380 xats. After the first release, the cost went up to 450 - 500 xats. Many users, including me, thought it would go up higher, unaware of the second release...
  • Second release comes, and people try to sell for 380-400 xats. It then goes down to 310 - 330 xats.
  •  After the release, the price became 330 - 350 xats on Trade, and seemed to fail...
The current price now has gone up to the price of 380 - 420 xats as it has not been released for 2 hours.

Keep checking the blog for further release details!

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