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GameBanRequest Party!

It was an awkward start for us, but eventually we managed to have a great time, just like promised!

We promoted the group for half an hour and it felt awkward at first, but then it got better and we all had a good time!

Note: I took some pictures to show some of the fun we had, and how many people attended. Sadly, 7 people who were there before had to go before the party started, which was a shame... anyhows!

When the chat first got promoted, it had looked like this...

It was then time for our contest, 'Guess the doodle'. Nikki, one of the Main Owners on the chat, was supposed to draw something. Whoever guessed what it was with the correct spelling would receive 1 point. Whoever would make it first to 10 points would win the contest! The prize for the contest was 200 xats.

It was hard to mod the pool, and at the same time announce where we were. This was because we went to the Contests tab to participate in the contests! It felt empty and strange on the 'Chill out' tab!

And here were how many people were eager to play in the other tab...!

I managed to catch someone guess the answer correctly for one of the questions...!

Lol, sadly we don't know who!

Finally, the contest was over. Here were the positions that it ended with! 
1st Place - Becky (10 points)
2nd Place - Carbon (4 points)
3rd Place - Dong (3 points)
4th Place - Fourleafclover & Finn (1 point each)

Congratulations to the winner! Here was proof that the prize was given. (Nikki was drawing but I was the one who was handing out the prize, since I'm a bad drawer!)

That was all! (:

Therefore, I'd just like to say a big thank you for Orgal and Nikki for helping out with the chat and the Contest. I'd like to also thank everyone who was able to come / came. It was a great success to our first official opening!

Now, I'm sure that hopefully more of you are aware of our new chat. If a new game ban ever comes out to xat, our chat will be the one to go to!

NOTE: There may be another contest coming THIS weekend, so stay tuned for more information posted on the blog!

Did you come to the party? If so, did you have fun? Leave a comment and let me know!



  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Sadly I couldn't come :(

    1. Don't worry about it!
      There will be more in the upcoming future! (:


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