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PULSEFX In Stores NOW! (3rd Release)

Good news for xat users,

Xat released another bunch of PulseFX costing 300 xats each in the stores...!

Because I was out, Carbon told me that the release had happened at around 3.50pm GMT. The last release was 4 hours ago, and users thought it would return straight after... but it didn't.

The price rose from 330-350 to become a great 450 - 550 xats on Trade...!

1,000 released costing the same price.

Update 1: SOLD OUT! Apparently, the release took a very fast 10 minutes until the power became out of stock...

Update 2: Users are now selling the power for 400 xats average. The price now is around 350 - 400 xats.

Final Update: There has now been 3000 released on xat altogether. We'll keep you posted as soon as we get any info on further releases...

Did you manage to get yourself a PULSEFX power yet? Leave a comment and let me know!

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