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Easter Hangout!

Have not much to do this Easter? Are you feeling bored? Then come and have a good...

I will be holding a date that most users will be able to attend to...

If users are interested, I set out a date for users to come on the chat.

Date: Monday 9th April 2012 (TOMORROW)
Time: 5-6.30pm GMT (Great Britain)
Where? xat.com/GameBanRequests
What will happen? This will be a hangout and chilling chat. Have alot of fun with users, try gamebans as well! There may also be a Contest at the end for users! 

Staff Giveaways

Myself, Orgal, Becky, and Nikki will be there as the Main Owners. We will make 1 Owner to help out with the occasion. We will also have 3 Moderators (temp) to handout for the chat, as well as Gamebanning Contests for 2 perm Moderator spots.


There will be 3 contests. The first one will be 'Guess the Doodle', which will be held by Nikki. Users must guess what each member of staff is drawing. If you guess the correct answer, you recieve a point. Whoever reaches 10 points first wins the contest. The prize is 200 xats...

The second contest will be a 'Find 4 Tournament'. You must play 1 Moderator , 2 Owners and 3 Main Owners . You have only 1 attempt to play that person. Here is how it will work...

Stage 1 - Play the Moderator. If you defeat the Mod, then you will be promoted to Temp Moderator and face the next contestant.  
Stage 2 - You next play the 2 Owners. The order doesn't matter, but you must remember you only have 1 attempt to play them both. If you lose to even 1 of them, you will be knocked out. If you do win, however, you will earn perm Moderator.
Final Stage - You must play all of the Main Owners . You only have 1 attempt, like for all of the above. If you manage to beat all of them, you will receive a secret prize.

The final contest will be Gamebanning contests. More details on that will be posted on the chat.

  • You must be a Member on the chat in order to participate in future Contests. If you are not a member, you will not be allowed to enter. For further details on how to earn Member, please read the rules on the chat.
  • If users are caught entering while they are a Guest, they will be banned forever on the chat with no un-ban until the Contests are over!
  • Please let a Main Owner know you are entering a contest. There will be a special tab where users can go for contests, and another tab for users to go to chillout.
  • If contests do not go ahead as planned, please do not complain. 
I will donate 200 xats for Nikki to give out for the 'Guess the Doodle' contest. Please note that these contests will start at 5.30-5.45pm GMT but may go ahead of schedule.

The chat will also be on promotion. Users must follow ALL of the chat rules and gamebanning / contest rules if they are to avoid being banned. The promotion will last for an hour.

If you are able to attend, you must leave a comment on this specific post. If you are not able to, type /f89694323 and speak with me on xat. I will be on GameBanRequests. Orgal will also be there, who is helping me out with the party.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.
The prizes seem small, but this is my first party / contest since Christmas. The chat has also finally finished constructing, so I will hold the 1st Official Opening!

Thank you (:


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