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Xat "Are you Human?" Glitch! (NOW FIXED)


Last night, some users who were signed in on official xat chats including me, were brought up with a new Glitch.

Before signing in, the site would constantly bring up the "Are you Human?" link with a whole load of tabs coming up with the quiz you need to complete. However, when you complete the test instead of signing you in, it continues to spam your computer with tabs of the same thing.

Update: The problem is now fixed.

Keep checking our Blog for any further xat Glitches.
- Aisha  

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  1. Hello I'm Aisha recorded in xat.com and I've got the same problem, and this is the second time this happens to me, I'd like you to locate me some questions I have, for example: How long did it take to return, if youHe tried something? etc. That sort of thing, to contact me I will be leaving my email here: pedro.mirandaornelas@outlook.com
    Aisha please help me with this, thanks.


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