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First day of Spring: 'SPRING' Power Price DOWN!!!


As many of you will already know, today is the first day of spring. No SPRING powers have been released, but there is no point to be honest, as KENIS started selling his 6,500 SPRING powers.

KENIS was buying some more SPRING powers along with a few other users, with the price being 800 - 1,000 xats. This was 2 weeks ago.

KENIS has been selling his SPRING powers. It is estimated that he has sold around 1,000 of them so far. The following users which have alot ...

Firar - 459 SPRING powers.
Tamer - 199 SPRING powers.
Lucky - 100 SPRING powers
Beet - 100 SPRING powers
Amir - 70 SPRING powers
Aisha - 100 SPRING powers  SOLD

The price is currently 350 - 450 xats, and as it looks, the power seems like it could drop down further.



It pretty much shows you how much things can change in just a day. Basically we could say the power was released by a user!

We'll keep you updated within the next few days.
- Aisha 


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