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Power 276 = 'LUCK Power'


Yesterday Volunteers were given ID 277 but it was actually confirmed to be power 276. This morning, it was known to be a power named 'Luck'. This is to celebrate this years St. Patrick's Day.

At around **12.00pm GMT** this weekends power was released.

  1,000 released costing 300 xats each. LIMITED!

If you read above, not only are you able to buy the power, you are also given a chance to buy the IRISH power at 75% off store price.

If you win, you should see this ...
Special thanks to NOAH  Testing (500327678) for providing me these screenshots:

Note: The IRISH power was 750 - 850 xats on xat.com/trade.

3.35pm - The price on TRADE is currently profitable with it being 300 - 350 xats. 

1000 more were released costing 300 xats each. The price on TRADE still remains 300 - 320 xats. A few seconds after LUCK was put into stores, 10 GOLD powers were in stores costing 50k each.
The price of GOLD remains at 54,000 - 54,500 xats, with not many users currently buying the power.

The price has slightly decreased to become around 600 - 700 xats on TRADE. This is because of the 75% chance. 

MANY powers have increased in price, and because of this, 'Everypower' has gone up to become 253,000 - 256,000 xats.

The following changes are ...

Poker: 700 - 900 xats
Aliens: 1000 - 1300 xats
Gkbear: 800 - 1000 xats
Angry: 6000 - 6200 xats 
Kmouse: 2000 - 2800 xats    
Gkaliens: 4000 - 5000 xats   

The new power currently costs around 250 - 280 xats on Trade, and yes it is also sold out. The demand is very little, could possibly decrease in price over the next few days. 

Be sure to leave a comment on your opinions on the LUCK power and how you can try get the Irish power as well!
- Aisha  

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