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Power 276 - 'BITEFX' Now UNLIMITED! (10 Gold Release)

Name: Bitefx 
Function: Gives you smileys and add on effects to other smileys. Comes with limited pawns as well, yet to be confirmed!
Total released: 3000
Price: 230 xats
Status: unlimited
Price on TRADE: 200 - 220 xats


Note: (bite) has been changed to (BITEFX) due to the bite smiley originally being from the (ANGRY) power.

There is now a banner to confirm this:

At around **11.00am GMT** Tom2 decided to release this weekends power, which is now known as 'BITEFX'.

1000 released costing 230 xats each.


We are currently not sure whether this power will be LIMITED or UNLIMITED, but at the moment it is limited. 

The price on TRADE is currently between 250 - 350 xats.

Update 1 - GOLD had been released at the same time as the BITEFX power was released! 10 were released with the price on TRADE now being between 54,500 - 55,000 xats.

Update 2 - More smileys!
There seems to be a few more smileys appearing on the Banner for BITEFX, which means that the power is obviously still in testing. 

Several users are still unsure on what the new pawns are going to be though.

1,000 more BITEFX powers were put in store, making it a total of 2000 on xat! The price on TRADE has dropped to 220 - 240 xats , with many users predicting that the power will become unlimited!

At around **6.30pm GMT** another set of 1000 new powers were released into stores. 

The release is going incredibly slow, with more users assuming this could be an UNLIMITED power. The cost on TRADE is 200 - 220 xats. The new power is still available to buy in stores as we speak, (8pm)

Meanwhile, there could be a new 7 digit Auction.


After over 24 hours, the new power is finally available for the public to buy. The price still remains at 230 xats in stores:

Check our Blog for more updates on this new power!
- Aisha


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