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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

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XAT ID 270: 'ARACHNID' Power Release!


Today, Power 270 is in stores but no yet released. So what is this power?
NEW Arachnid power!

The upcoming power is a smiley power and when released will be limited.

A user on HELP with the new power:


UPDATE: At around **11.30am GMT** the newest power had been released in the stores!

1000 - 1500 released costing 250 xats each. LIMITED!

The price on TRADE isn't going too well, but at this time is currently profitable, with the price being 270 - 300 xats.


FINAL UPDATES: Below are the final updates on the new power. This Blog has all the key information that we currently know of.
  • Around 5000 - 5500 ARACHNID powers were released in total.
  • The price on TRADE (as of 06.02.2014) is around 200 - 230 xats, so a loss of profit for those who bought during the release.
  • There are currently a few investors, however not many people are buying the power, due to them saying it is an 'ugly' power.
Hopefully this helped. Keep checking our Blog for further coverages on power releases as we go through Valentine's Day!    - Aisha 

NEW Power 270!


This afternoon the new power was confirmed as ID 270 and is currently in testing.

So, it looks like RANDOM is still in testing ... but makes sense as it is a very hard power to programme.

What do you think the new power will be? Let us know in the comments!
NOTE: Within the next few weeks a new background and banner for 2014 will be sorted.
- Aisha 



It's been a while since we've done 'Power Crazes', and alot has changed. The reason this post is here is because there have been many users selling 50+ of powers ... with powers increasing in price as well!

Here they are:

#01 - Cooking
Yep. This limited power has become rare on TRADEThis is because the power only released for a day, having 4100 - 4200 in total on xat. The price was 200 xats in Stores, and now some users have invested. HOWEVER, Beet is the main investor, who has over 400+ of these powers, and is still buying ...


The price had increased to 800 - 900 xats but now suddenly stands at 600 - 700 xats. Screenshots coming soon!



Power ID 269 = 'DIVORCE'


One of the upcoming powers will be called 'DIVORCE'.


UPDATE: 42 with the power!


No other information has been clarified about this power. Credits to TypoKing (527217448) and Martinngoodman (976108702) for letting me know about this.
UPDATE: Today, (friday) DIVORCE was confirmed to be this week's power with the smilies now showing.

Here is MIHAY with the power:

The price on TRADE is around 500 - 1500 xats , but should release tomorrow. We are not sure yet what the status or price of the new power will be, but what we do know is that it is a smiley power.

UPDATE 2: At around **6.50pm GMT** TOM2 was online and he put the new power in the Stores, meaning that it is close to releasing. Once again, he gave out another hint ...

and then it was in stores ... however not yet released.

A couple of minutes later the power was released!

1000 released costing 250 xats . N.B. 1 PER USER!

CREDITS: Special thanks to Paul for the image.  

The power is now currently LIMITED .


Users were able to get 2 - 3 between them, and once again those users managed to grab profit, as the price on TRADE increased to become 300 - 350 xats.


Now, earlier in the post we had stated that this power was indeed a smiley power . However , although there is a Banner showing them, we decided to show you the 'chat' size of the smileys, along with the codes. 

Here are the smileys in order from left to right:
(divorce) (divsplit) (divring) (divnolove) (divm) (divf) (divbreak) (botf) (botm) (brokenheart2) (dhammer) (sadflower)  

Note: There is now currently 1 power in testing. They are the following:
FARM (ID 268)
- this power will be released this weekend, most likely a LIMITED power and was given to volunteers on Thursday Evening.
Release date - Saturday 18th January 2014

- this power was only confirmed today. Apparently works like (marriage) but has bonus smilies with it. Most likely will be unlimited.  
Release date - Friday 24th January 2014
- only TOM2 and some Volunteers have this power. It posts a random smiley after each message is sent. 
Release date - N/A

Be sure to leave a comment on your opinions on (DIVORCE) below!
- Aisha  



If you had looked onto our previous post, you would have known that last night was "Trades 5th Anniversary". The xat Admin himself had come onto the chat making a special appearance, making it a moment not to forget!

Now, for the first time in a while, he was very active for around 10 minutes ...

42 was also getting into the action!

And then he gave a hint of a possible new power ... called 'OSCAR'. Check out these hints...

Before asking everyone if they wanted it as well ...

So, what do you think? I feel an 'OSCAR' power would be nice, especially for awards such as the BAFTAS!

Be sure to leave a comment on your opinions below, and remember, if this power does come to life, you saw it here FIRST!
- Aisha


TRADE Chats' 5th Anniversary PARTY! (x100 GKALIENS and x10 GOLD Released!)


  • Party was held at around **20.00pm GMT** and had finished at **22.00pm GMT** (2 hours long)
  • 100 GKALIENS powers were released costing 1,500 xats
  • Christina made a special speech for 2014
  • Over 400 Spectators watching the chat as it is put into 'LIVE MODE'.
  • A special appearance from '42' himself.
  • A few people promoted to 'temp-owner' for the occassion.
  • Over 20 staff attended!
  • 10 GOLD powers were also released costing 50,00 xats, bringing a conclusion to the party!


At **8.00pm GMT** Christina decided to hold this years TRADE Anniversary on the chatroom itself! 

In previous years, the party was held on a seperate chat, but this year it doesn't seem to be the case ...


42 decided to release some GKALIENS powers into the stores ...!

100 released costing 1,500 xats each.
CREDITS: Thanks to Cody and Yoko for providing me with this screenshot.

Users thanking 42 for the special release ... (P.S. this has never been done before!)


Remember that the price on TRADE was around 5000 - 6000 xats , so a decent bit of profit for you guys who bought one!

UPDATE: The price has dropped slightly and is now around 4000 - 4500 xats.
UPDATE 2: Sunday Morning, and the price has increased to become 4800 - 5200 xats , back near where it was before!

Next, Christina made some temp owners to help with the occasion. Congratulations to STUN and ABEA for the promotion!

8.15pm - Christina holding her speech. Here is the Speech in full ...

Next, she presented 'oscars' to the users who deserved them. Here are the following ...
N.B. All the users who were selected received a 1,000 xats prize.

Best Trader - M4RCO (411467142)
"He is committed to chat and never causes issues"

 Most Banned Loyal Trader - Jake (563222)
"The most loyal person who comes back despite being banned daily, he's truly dedicated to Trade..."

Most Funniest User - Steven (322304243)

Most Popular Trader - Aisha (89694323)

Best Background Makers - Chris & Lali (1400107482) and (1032321853)

Biggest Begger - BestUser1234 (1399102411)

And finally, 42 decided to release some GOLD powers into the Stores ... but that usually happens, right?

CREDITS: The next 2 screenshots are from xattools.com . I will ask for their permission later.

10 released costing 50,000 xats each

 The price on TRADE didn't change much and is around 53800 - 54200 xats.

And that finally brings a Conclusion for Trade's 5th Anniversary! It was a special day, for many reasons: 42 making a special appearance, the chat put onto live mode for the first time (traders went to troca), users were commemorated for their actions and users were able to profit up to 8,000 xats!

So, if you were there, what do you think was the highlight? If not, there's always next year sadly!

If you have any questions that weren't answered at the top of this post, or if you just want to comment about the Party, feel free to leave a comment below!

Happy 5th Anniversary, Trade!
- Aisha 

'FARM' Power 268 Release! (GUIDE)


At **9.00pm GMT** TOM2 had decided to release the FARM power earlier (friday evening) , as it was the first power ready to be available for the public!

1000 released costing 250 xats . 1 per user! LIMITED!

Yes, our corrections were correct, this is indeed a limited power! The power was profitable as it was first 300 - 350 xats , but overnight it had INCREASED to become around 350 - 500 xats.

On Saturday morning , FARM had been released once again.

1000 released costing 250 xats

The power had dropped slightly to become around 300 - 350 xats , with around 5 - 8 people investing in the power after COOKINGs frenzy!

Some Screenshots:

There is also a BANNER for this power, meaning that users now know when the power will next be released!

At around **2.30pm GMT** , the third batch of FARM powers were released!

618 released costing 250 xats each

The power went out of stock quite slowly, but the price has stayed at around 300 - 320 xats with users still investing.

Power 268 = 'FARM' Power!


The new power we recently thought was 269 , is actually known as 268 now, and has been given to Volunteers for testing!

The price on TRADE is currently between 1,000 - 2,000 xats , and is expected to drop down in price within the next few days.

The new power is now known as 'FARM'.

An image can be seen below:

Someone selling the power:


Update 2: Here are the smilies! (credits to James)


Wow! Looks like there may be some animals involved with this power! I also have a feeling that it'll be a limited power!
It's most likely limited , but there aren't many 'animal' smilies! The codes will be posted when the power has been officially released!

Now, what are your thoughts? Leave a comment to let me know!
- Aisha

New Power 'RANDOM' ?


As well as seeing power ID 269 , TOM2 was also on xat_test this afternoon testing something which could be related to the newest power, 'Random'.

Here, TOM2 was seen sending random messages counting up in numbers from 1 - 5.

Follow through our testing coverage below ...


Tom2 was testing if the smiley was showing for everyone by asking on the main chat, which shows that it IS going to be a power!

Update 2: Function? It's possibly been confirmed as it changing to random smileys after each message has been sent, which explains what TOM2 was doing!

So, what do you think RANDOM is going to be? We'll be sure to post further updates soon, such as the smiley and the confirmed function.

Be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions or new info for us! :-)
- Aisha 

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