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XAT ID 270: 'ARACHNID' Power Release!


Today, Power 270 is in stores but no yet released. So what is this power?
NEW Arachnid power!

The upcoming power is a smiley power and when released will be limited.

A user on HELP with the new power:


UPDATE: At around **11.30am GMT** the newest power had been released in the stores!

1000 - 1500 released costing 250 xats each. LIMITED!

The price on TRADE isn't going too well, but at this time is currently profitable, with the price being 270 - 300 xats.


FINAL UPDATES: Below are the final updates on the new power. This Blog has all the key information that we currently know of.
  • Around 5000 - 5500 ARACHNID powers were released in total.
  • The price on TRADE (as of 06.02.2014) is around 200 - 230 xats, so a loss of profit for those who bought during the release.
  • There are currently a few investors, however not many people are buying the power, due to them saying it is an 'ugly' power.
Hopefully this helped. Keep checking our Blog for further coverages on power releases as we go through Valentine's Day!    - Aisha 

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