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With Valentine's Day 2014 coming up, xat have already prepared a new Valentines themed power for us. This is ID 271 , and has now been confirmed as Sweetheart.

Sweetheart Power Smiley

A few users have already been spotted with this new test power, I managed to get one of them on xat_test . Check it out!

Of course, this power is a smiley power , and consists of 'Valentine Day' themed powers, as well as a few special pawns! There is a Banner that is now all around xat with the smilies on them. 

Below are the smilies in chat box size:

The codes will be posted here soon.

Finally, is the reaction on the new power. As always, certain users end up getting excited for the release, and that has happened again here.

A sneak peak of the reaction going around:

 Here are my predictions of the upcoming release ...

Store price: 250 xats
Trade price (after release): 300 - 350 xats

And there we go! Let's feel the warm love! 

Now, what do you think of this new power? I think it's nice, although we're starting to get alot of Valentine themed powers!

Be sure to leave a comment in the posts below!
- Aisha

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