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FLOWER Power Price Change!


This post is about the FLOWER power.

Why am I doing a post just dedicated to this? Well, I will explain to you how to avoid being scammed as many users have been investing into this power, with the price soaring greatly over the last couple of weeks.

First off ...

What was the price before?
- The original price was 1000 - 1200 xats with hardly anybody buying the power.

What happened?
A few users were buying the power for around 1150-1200 xats. They managed to collect around 20. Eventually they started increasing the price as the power is one of the rarest. Soon, people started buying.

Each day users were buying higher and higher, and other users decided to join in. (market pressure).

The price has peaked at 2100 - 2300 xats.

One of the users, who has collected over 100 Flower powers (nobody has done that since CLEBER with 211 flower) possibly for over 200k+ (2000 each).




We'll keep you posted with more information soon.
Update - Also, watch out for the CARNIVAL power. CARBON sold 1,000 of his for a rumoured 195k (195 each) and now the price has dropped significantly from 650 - 850 xats to 200 - 220 xats.

To avoid being scammed in future from investors, make sure to visit our Blog, the only current one keeping you right up to date!
- Aisha  


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