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'RANDOM' Power given to MORE Volunteers!


Last month, we discovered that one of the upcoming new powers would be called 'Random'. The function was already confirmed, but there were still many things that we didn't know ...

Users such as Ghost and Vale were amongst those who were given the RANDOM power this week. However, there are still currently no users buying or selling it.

Key points:
  • This power is still in testing.
  • The power has been in testing for currently 4-5 weeks. This is prompting users to believe that it could actually be an EPIC power!
  • The price on TRADE is possibly going to be between 5,000 - 10,000 xats! (similar to BADGE)     

  • There is now a 60% increase of chance that the power will be released this week.
  • We are still currently not sure on the smiley, the price, or whether or not it will be limited or available at all times.

Update: Tom2 is currently online @xat_test testing the new power. Here are the key points in his testing:

NOTE: This part of the post will change when any new information has been confirmed. Anything that is Not in this list is currently unknown.

Tom2 has been online for the whole day and there is now a smilley for the power.

(this is an animated smiley which changes smiley. The animation lasts around 3 seconds, if possible we will try and show you the GIF. version of it!) 

We hope this has answered any questions you may have. Remember to keep checking our Blog for further updates and Coverage.
- Aisha

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