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BLACK FRIDAY 2015 - News , Gossip , Screenshots and MORE!


The yearly xat tradition has once again commenced - traders and non traders as always merge into a community and find out all the information which occurs today ... "Black Friday".

It started at 7.00pm GMT on Thanksgiving Day where xat announced on Twitter the following -

As usual , Admins usually get warmed up for this event by adding a huge discount when promoting your chat.

However , at an unusual time of **10.00pm GMT** there was a new post about the real deal:

Black Friday Special: 1000 users selected for half price limited powers, including 2 Golds!
 Here is how it works:

  • Click on the link which is shown on xats Twitter page. 
  • Once redirected to that page , click the following link which shows there.
  • Follow the instructions via above.
  • If you were one of the lucky 1000 , click on the Power accept the Terms and Conditions and then accept purchase.
  • NOTE: It lasts 24 hours , any unclaimed prizes will disappear FOREVER!
If you were not the lucky user , it will say 'Sorry not this time'. You are only able to try once per ID. It will NOT change result. 

Here is what it looks like when you have won:

Although in theory it's a good concept, it has caused huge anger amongst users. Here are a few valid points that they've made -

  • Xat randomly chooses 1000 people . Some say that they automatically choose the Volunteers to win.
  • There are millions of unused / 'bot' accounts which could have been chosen to win.
  • Are all the users that had a chance to win all 'registered?'
  • Some people have won good prizes but are not sure on how to claim , some are also not able to speak English well.

The wonderful reactions have been spread across the chats by users updating their name and status to the following -


Admins have released a new post on their @Twitter page , stating that 10,000 more people have been added to the 'lucky dip'. It also states that there are several powers to be won!

Here were the prices for the following powers listed in the screenshot above before Black Friday:

Gold - 53,000 - 53,500 xats
Boot - 8000 - 8500 xats
Angel - 16000 - 16500 xats
Clear - 5000 - 5500 xats
Fade - 1500 - 1550 xats
Personal opinions and further screenshots will be added within the next 24 hours! Keep checking our Blog to get updated with the latest!

BLACK FRIDAY 2015 ... 1 Day Left: Gossip, News, and More!

It's been around 6 weeks since I was last on Trade, but I've managed to take a look at what's been going on and as usual the 'Black Friday fever' has taken across Trade with several Powers having their price dropped, and as always, a few inparticular Powers have been the target.

Let's start off with that Black Friday is for those that aren't sure:
"Black Friday" is a 'Shopping' tradition which always takes place the day after Thanksgiving Day. It is an American "holiday" where many locals queue up to get the best possible bargains for products. It usually symbolises the first day for Christmas shopping as well. (Near December) Of course, as name suggests, it ALWAYS takes place on a Friday (lol?). However this occurs on the last Friday of every month (usually the 28th November)

As usual a week before tomorrow Powers start to drop. Here is a list of the powers which have been mostly affected:
Was: 24300 - 24500 xats
Now: 23200 - 23400 xats

Was: 9850 - 9900 xats
Now: 9500 - 9700 xats

Was: 53000 - 53500 xats
Now: 51500 - 52500 xats


So, the yearly question - What will xat do this Black Friday? Well, I have been taking coverage and we've had all sorts: Power releasing in stores , Power Auctions , gambling to win Powers 75% off , Powers re-releasing via Banners ... so of course we may be up for a recycled method this year, but who knows?!

Stay tuned for coverage regarding 2015's Black Friday ... not to scare anyone but who knows, it may just be the last coverage that this Blog does.

Also, we are looking for people to provide screenshots for this event. It can range from Powers releasing to people gossiping, anything is appreciated! All you have to do is either leave a comment here or find me on xat! /f89694323

Happy Thanksgiving!

Xat's Biggest Test - Security , Loyalty , and of course -- The $$ !

This post will be published in a week (when things settle down) . I am aware of my inactivity for over 3 weeks, and I feel this 'story' will make it worthwhile.

Stay tuned.




I have decided to make this post detailing 5 of the 6 newest powers into one with a detailed summary on each Power:

Name: Precious
Cost in stores: 250 xats

PRECIOUS was LIMITED when it was first released into the stores , still costing 250 xats. The demand on TRADE wasn't that great, so the price only increased to around 260 - 280 xats. After 2 releases the power wasn't very profitable.

The power is now available for the public to purchase from the stores.

Name: Glob
Cost in stores: 300 xats

Just like the previous power , GLOB did not have much demand. The price had increased to become 300 - 330 xats but the demand was completely gone after a few releases.

The price a month later (17/10/2015) is now roaming around 230 - 270 xats.

Name: Kandle
Cost in stores: 200 xats

A power which was released for an affordable price , KANDLE still did not have as much profit despite users being able to purchase 50 on the first few releases. The price had become 220 - 250 xats but then dropped to become 210 - 220 xats.

Right now, the price is 190 - 200 xats with not much demand to the Power.

Name: Roosters
Cost in stores: 222 xats

ROOSTERS was like the Animal powers (e.g. Kchick) and had users made a tiny bit of profit with the Power. The price had increased to 240 - 270 xats after the first release, but then demand quickily left the Power once again.

The price now is around 200 - 300 xats (TBC)

Name: Ranklock
Cost in stores: 200 xats

Details posted soon.



I mainly would like to apologise for keeping the Blog inactive for literally a month now, the last post was about the latest epic power (BIG)!

However, I must admit the truth - as "shocking" as it is, I have recently lost alot of interest in xat, especially in Powers and Trading. This has been going on for a few months now, but I can now officially confirm that this is the case.

BUT I can't let my latest mis-interest in xat ruin the Blog any further. Many know me for being dedicated to this blog with my information, so I will still be making new posts, but they will just be published less often, perhaps every 2 weeks instead. I will also be doing this year's Black Friday as I have been doing for the last 3-4 years.

There will be no guarantee that there will be a new post every week , but each post that gets published will still be thoroughly detailed. I can also confirm that if I ever lose ALL interest in xat, There will be no chance of me shutting my Blog in the future , mainly down to the effort I've put in.

Once again, I apologise for the latest news , but things will be running smoothly - just not as often.

In other news, Halloween will be coming up soon - so stay tuned for future updates!
- Aisha


Xat BIG Power Details!


The previous post below was mentioning that the new power was another and xats 7th Epic power, known as BIG. Thing is, we haven't covered the function and what the power does yet. 

So, what does this power do? What is all the fuss about BIG? Well, like (size) it makes all smileys a bigger size. However, unlike Size it is set at a specific size. The size is shown below...


It is similar to size #7 or #8 from the Size power. However it seems unlikely that users would prefer to use this over the unlimited and MUCH cheaper (size) Power...

I will be releasing a seperate post regarding more information about this power within the upcoming days, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, keep updated with this Blog for further updates.


Xat EPIC Power #07: 'BIG' Power! (ID 355)


On Saturday 42 decided to come up with a 'Revolution' regarding Powers. The most desired, EVERYPOWER was going to become even more expensive ... here's why.

The new power is called BIG. It is very similar to the (size) Power awhile back, but with more restricted use. You could say it seems "useless". However, facts don't lie, and this power is deemed EPIC.

The power was released at around **4.00pm GMT+1**

So, the question is why was this power introduced? Well, Everypower is currently around 250,000 - 260,000 xats ($500), and there are around 200 users seen with it. Perhaps the Admins decided to release another 'Epic' to make Everypower less affordable and bring more desire into it...

100 released costing 5,000 xats. VERY LIMITED!
According to xat, this is supposed to be the rarest Power ever, given it's the only one with the description as 'Very limited'.

Unlike many recent Powers, this has indeed raised demand and affected the Trade Community all around. A few hours later, the price for BIG reached 15,000 - 20,000 xats. Wow!

Be sure to check the post above for updates regarding this new power!
- Aisha

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